Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Her role as Bunny in 'The Big Lebowski' (1998)
Background:With her raspy voice and poor choice of film roles, it's a good thing Tara Reid enjoys staying in the paparazzi limelight. She's flashed, boozed, partied, carried a worst dressed label, and played characters too easily forgotten. But, the night is still young..."Slasher movies are fun. You watch yourself get chopped to pieces, yet you're still alive. You see the blood on the ax and think, Holy **it, this is sick, but you kind of get over your fear of death.""I am known as this retard. I want to grow up. I don't want to be the drunk girl. It hurts my feelings when stuff is written about me. Paris seems to move on from situations all the time, why can't I?"With roles in Alone in the Dark (2005), Wicked Prayer (2005) and Land of Canaan (2005) debuting soon, perhaps the cycle will be broken.Reid's RootsChildhood and Family:Tara Reid was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey, on November 8, 1976. Her parents, Tom (teacher) and Donna (also a teacher) also welcomed a set of twins into their life in 1982 (Patrick and Colleen). Tara's brother Patrick owns the clothing store, Patrick Reed, located in Santa Monica, California, where Tara serves as a fashion consultant. Reid attended the Professional Children's School, located in New York City.At age 6, Tara was a cast member of the TV series game show titled "Child's Play" (1982). She also participated in commercials for Jell-O, McDonald's, and Crayola.Not A Lot To Brag AboutCareer:Tara started her film career in the flop, A Return to Salem's Lot (1987), as the character Amanda. Almost eleven years later, she was cast as Bunny Lebowski in the imaginative film The Big Lebowski (1998). Roles such as Cybil in the film Girl (1998) and Sasha Thomas in Urban Legend (1998) soon followed. Some of her work includes: a role in I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998), Marci Greenbaum in Cruel Intentions (1999), and Jennifer in Around the Fire (1999). In 1999 she played the part of Victoria 'Vicky' Lathum in the crude comedy American Pie (1999). She played Jennifer in Around the Fire (1999), Sara Olswang in Body Shots (1999), Connie Travis in Dr. T & the Women (2000), Angelique in Just Visiting (2001). She receivedsecond billing in the film Josie and the Pussycats (2001) as Melody Valentine. More mediocre films or parts include: American Pie 2 (2001), Van Wilder (2002), Devil's Pond (2003), My Boss's Daughter (2003), and is playing Emily in 2004's Knots.
The worst thing I ever did is dance on the table.More Tara Reid quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Slasher movies are fun. You watch yourself get chopped to pieces, yet you're still alive. You see the blood on the ax and think, Holy **it, this is sick, but you kind of get over your fear of death.More Tara Reid quotes [10/26/2005 12:10:00]
I can make a scene that's not supposed to be sexy, very sexy. It's a power you're born with. It's not a physical thing, it comes from inside. It's all in the eyes.More Tara Reid quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I like when a guy makes me feel like a woman and a little girl at the same time.More Tara Reid quotes [10/26/2005 12:10:00]
Horror movie is a great date movie. For dates... maybe grab on to the guy. I just think people love a good scare.More Tara Reid quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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