Johnny Greenwood

Johnny Greenwood

There's the soundtrack to The French Connection II'I think It's my favorite soundtrack. It hasn't been released. I actually had to go and get the film and just make a recording of it to get the music.More Johnny Greenwood quotes [08/23/2011 04:08:56]
No, I am not interested in women or sex or anything.More Johnny Greenwood quotes [08/23/2011 04:08:54]
But over a period of time It's the melodic things that are in my head all day.More Johnny Greenwood quotes [08/23/2011 04:08:10]
I was just very conscious that I could either bore people by having the music be similar for too long, or I could just wear them out and bore them in a different way by having it changing too much every minute or two minutes. So, there was that kind of balance to get right.More Johnny Greenwood quotes [08/23/2011 04:08:04]
I'm quite into listening to music and not doing anything else.More Johnny Greenwood quotes [08/23/2011 04:08:09]

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