Averell Harriman

Averell Harriman

The war changed everybody's attitude. We became international almost overnight.More Averell Harriman quotes [08/12/2011 06:08:04]
It never occurred to me that we would have as grandiose a program as the Marshall Plan, but I felt that we had to do something to save Europe from economic disaster which would encourage the Communist takeover.More Averell Harriman quotes [08/12/2011 06:08:08]
We became convinced that, regardless of Stalin's awful brutality and his reign of terror, he was a great war leader. Without Stalin, they never would have held.More Averell Harriman quotes [08/12/2011 06:08:30]
Conferences at the top level are always courteous. Name-calling is left to the foreign ministers.More Averell Harriman quotes [08/12/2011 06:08:29]
Roosevelt was the one who had the vision to change our policy from isolationism to world leadership. That was a terrific revolution. Our country's never been the same since.More Averell Harriman quotes [08/12/2011 06:08:39]

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