Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr

I did my military service from 1989 - 92 and I was never shot at or had to fire on anybody. I was very lucky. I was more involved in intelligence and counter-intelligence.More Oded Fehr quotes [11/27/2006 12:11:00]
I think if you play a character that is fearless, then it's boring. I think that's what was so incredible about Harrison Ford, is that he always seemed like he was never going to survive it, he's always scared, and yet he always does survive it somehow.More Oded Fehr quotes [11/27/2006 12:11:00]
Today I have a beautiful movie but five years from now - God forbid - I might not be doing anything at all. I might be unemployed and looking for a job. This is such a rollercoaster ride and I think it is good that I came into it at an older age and that I have traveled and done army service.More Oded Fehr quotes [11/27/2006 12:11:00]
I'm from the Atari generation, you know? I used to play Pac-Man and all that, then kind of grew out of it at a certain point.More Oded Fehr quotes [11/27/2006 12:11:00]
The things I learned from the army - and I think it was a lesson for life - was how to work in unison with other people. How to take responsibility.More Oded Fehr quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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