Alexandr Kluge

Alexandr Kluge

German film director, screenwriter and producer
The objective is autonomy. There is a conservative interest in the classicpublic sphere at a time when this public sphere is being destroyed. The classic public sphere of our cities is an achievement that has really only been functional for a very short time, and that is now severely threatened.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:00]
I mean, theTrojan horse in itself is entirely meaningless. The central notion is thatthe arts alone, separate from the rest of society, are not capable of expression. They would somehow become purely academic.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:33]
Similar to the telescope or the telephone, television enables us to see or hear things we never dreamed of. When you look at the details, a concrete scene between people is really something incredibly unlikely, something subtle that requires extended description.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [08/05/2011 12:08:28]
Edgar Reitz created a unique 26-hour film. He was like a cousin when I was working on cultivating those independent broadcasting times on RTL or Sat. We are both gardeners in the foreign soil of television. We are both incredibly suspicious of the medium of television.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:50]
We all know the mechanical time of a television program, which is basically derived from peoples' working hours and the petty mercantile uses they make of their leisure time. For the Greeks, Chronos stood for time that leads to death, time that consumes itself.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:16]

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