Alexandr Kluge

Alexandr Kluge

German film director, screenwriter and producer
If we were to talk about something like Noah's ark today, where the best qualities are preserved, it would not be one ship, but a multitude of small boats. The one-minute comets, soaring through the program, can interrupt it.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:45]
The digital channels reveal an immense contradiction within the economic powers that are now forming an alliance to set up a closed shop market. Once that changes-and they will make it change-they will be able to destroy the public TV stations too.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:08]
The one thing about program television that's absolutely incompatible with any concept of art is that all decisions have to be made by program directors, whereas art is autonomous. It may be dependent, but it knows no superiors.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [08/05/2011 12:08:35]
That's what we call thepublisher's principle: the idea that the press knows responsible authors who are accountable for what they write.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:43]
Similar to the telescope or the telephone, television enables us to see or hear things we never dreamed of. When you look at the details, a concrete scene between people is really something incredibly unlikely, something subtle that requires extended description.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [08/05/2011 12:08:28]

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