Alexandr Kluge

Alexandr Kluge

German film director, screenwriter and producer
The objective is autonomy. There is a conservative interest in the classicpublic sphere at a time when this public sphere is being destroyed. The classic public sphere of our cities is an achievement that has really only been functional for a very short time, and that is now severely threatened.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:00]
If we were to talk about something like Noah's ark today, where the best qualities are preserved, it would not be one ship, but a multitude of small boats. The one-minute comets, soaring through the program, can interrupt it.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:45]
Edgar Reitz created a unique 26-hour film. He was like a cousin when I was working on cultivating those independent broadcasting times on RTL or Sat. We are both gardeners in the foreign soil of television. We are both incredibly suspicious of the medium of television.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:50]
That's what we call thepublisher's principle: the idea that the press knows responsible authors who are accountable for what they write.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:43]
You have to venture forward again and again, to get in the midst of what people are interested in. You have to seek out the remote and wild places for art to renew itself. We set out as filmmakers in the GDR imitating the French New Wave. We were two years late.More Alexandr Kluge quotes [12/22/2011 01:12:05]

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