Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

sister of singer Kylie Minogue
I didn't expect to get it at all. I just went along to the audition for the experience.More Dannii Minogue quotes [07/26/2011 06:07:20]
We were great mates. We didn't really go out together because we never really had the time to go out. But we were with each other all the time anyway because we were working all the time. We could sit down and talk for hours, and we still can. We just understood each other.More Dannii Minogue quotes [07/26/2011 06:07:52]
I had an acting coach while I was doing the show and every week I could see my work improving. I really liked working on the show because I was learning new things every day.More Dannii Minogue quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
It was sort of good it happened because it broke the ice with everyone.More Dannii Minogue quotes [07/26/2011 06:07:13]
I couldn't sing to save myself. Greg went to John after the audition and said, 'She's cute, but she can't sing very well' and he said, 'I know. We'll teach her. I just want her on the show'.More Dannii Minogue quotes [07/26/2011 06:07:14]

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