Igor Maresnik

Igor Maresnik

When you explaining one, another usually forever clouded.More Igor Maresnik quotes [07/26/2016 08:07:26]
Insanity - is when you do not understand that anybody around do not understand you.More Igor Maresnik quotes [07/19/2016 08:07:34]
The private theatre of life a person is not the play director, and not even an actor. He's just a prop, though coming.More Igor Maresnik quotes [07/27/2016 10:07:24]
The deeper you dig, the more collapses you'll get.More Igor Maresnik quotes [08/26/2016 09:08:52]
Fishermen much more near turbid water.More Igor Maresnik quotes [06/27/2016 09:06:38]

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