Leroy Chiao

Leroy Chiao

The current NASA astronaut
My running ambition is to keep doing it until I'm way past the point where I have any business running. Just to keep doing it throughout my whole lifeā€”to stay fit and feel good.More Leroy Chiao quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I spent a lot of my time working in the American module, and he would stay in the Russian segment working on his things, and we'd meet up at meal times. So it actually worked out very well.More Leroy Chiao quotes [09/29/2011 03:09:12]
There were different challenges along the way. Certainly the food shortage was unpleasant.
More Leroy Chiao quotes [09/29/2011 03:09:03]
Well, it's still a bit uncertain, but I will do the consulting, and I'll see how I can contribute. But I'm sure whatever I do will involve the space program. That's where my passion is.More Leroy Chiao quotes [09/29/2011 03:09:16]
The most interesting thing was looking out the window and taking photographs of different places on Earth.More Leroy Chiao quotes [09/29/2011 03:09:51]

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