Ernst Mach

Ernst Mach

Austrian physicist and philosopher-idealist
Personally, people know themselves very poorly.More Ernst Mach quotes [07/20/2011 06:07:42]
My table is now brightly, now dimly lighted. Its temperature varies. It may receive an ink stain. One of its legs may be broken. It may be repaired, polished, and replaced part by part. But, for me, it remains the table at which I daily write.More Ernst Mach quotes [07/20/2011 06:07:29]
Man is pre-eminently endowed with the power of voluntarily and consciously determining his own point of view.More Ernst Mach quotes [07/20/2011 06:07:15]
Science always has its origin in the adaptation of thought to some definite field of experience.More Ernst Mach quotes [07/20/2011 06:07:58]
The ego is as little absolutely permanent as are bodies.More Ernst Mach quotes [07/20/2011 06:07:17]

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