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Christina Ricci

Her role as Cher's youngest daughter in 'Mermaids' (1990)
The Opposite SexBackground:"I think the main reason a lot of child stars don't make it is that it'shard to see someone as cute and then all of a sudden see them as having moredepth. I guess I was just lucky that, when I was little, nobody thought I wasthat cute." Christina RicciFormer child star Christina Ricci was promoting to stardom after playing themelancholic and gloomy Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991) and inAddams Family Values (1993). She next gained notice for her portrayal as arelatively "normal" kid named Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey in Casper (1995),in which she won Young Star, and National Association of Theater Owners ShowEastStar of Tomorrow awards in 1995.In 1998, Ricci received critical acclaimed for her spectacular performance ascaustic and pregnant teenager Dedee Truitt in the comedy drama The Opposite Sex(1998), for which she netted several awards including a Young Star, a GoldenSatellite, a Best Actress and a National Board of Review in 1998. Additionally,she received Golden Globe, An American Comedy, and Independent Spiritnominations for her brilliant work in the film. The same year, Ricci continuedattracting attention when she was awarded the National Board of Review for herbright performances as kidnapped victim Layla in Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66(1998) and laundry-obsessed girlfriend Shelley in John Waters' Pecker (1998).The best friend of actress Gaby Hoffmann, Ricci was well remembered when sheteamed up with fellow superstar Johnny Depp in the horror flick Sleepy Hollow(1999), where she was handed a 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment award. In morerecent movies, she drew accolades for her outstanding performance as Cheri Postin the thriller Bless the Child (2000, costarring Kim Basinger), for which shetook home a second Blockbuster Entertainment award in 2001. She also earned anomination at the MTV Movie awards (shared with Charlize Theron) for her work inPatty Jenkins' Aileen Wuornos biopic Monster (2003).Off screen, Ricci is on the national board of VOX (Voices for PlannedParenthood). As for her private life, Ricci was previously linked to Big Fatactor Matthew Frauman (born 1972) and actor Orlando Bloom. She is currentlydating actor Adam Goldberg (born on October 25, 1970).SquantChildhood and Family:Santa Monica, California native Christina Ricci was born on February 12, 1980.She was raised in Montclair, New Jersey. Christina's father was a lawyer andprimal-scream therapist (Ralph Ricci) and her mother was a nursery-schoolteacher and real estate agent (Sarah Ricci). The youngest of four siblings,Christina has two brothers, Rafael (born 1971) and Dante (born 1974), and sisterPia (born 1976). After the divorce of her parents in 1993, Christina stayed withher mother who took custody of her four kids. Commenting about her closerelationship with her mother, she said, "I spend a lot of time with mymother. When I'm doing movies, she's always with me. We spend days being boredin an apartment together waiting for someone to call and say I'm needed for ashot. Because we're together so much, we have to get along. We have to find waysto get to know each other. We've gone through a lot of stuff, you know, and Ithink we're pretty close."Of Italian ancestry, Christina Ricci, whose nickname is Squant, went to EdgemontElementary School before attending Glenfield Middle School in Montclair, NewJersey. She next continued her studies at the Professional Children's School inNew York, the same school actor Macaulay Culkin attended.As a young girl, Christina captured the attention of drama critics while she wasperforming in the school play "The Twelve Days of Christmas" at ageeight. Shortly after the play, her parents were encouraged to get her an agent.Following the family's relocation to New York, Christina began entering thespotlight when she appeared in several TV commercials for such campaigns asMonster cereal ads. After a year of commercial gigs, Christina added acting toher endeavors by having her feature-acting debut in Mermaids (1990).Christina currently resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Adam Goldberg. Theowner of a Porsche Boxster, Christina has her own production company, BlasphemeFilms, which she formed in 1997.Casper GirlCareer:Spotted by movie critics while she was performing in the school play "TheTwelve Days of Christmas" at age eight, Christina Ricci quickly appeared innumerous TV commercials like one for Monster cereal. By the time she was ten,Ricci had made her acting debut when she was cast as Cher's youngest daughterand Winona Ryder's sister in Mermaids (1990, played Kate Flax).After playing Bonnie in The Hard Way (1991), Ricci's big break came when shelanded the pivotal role of melancholic and gloomy Wednesday Addams in The AddamsFamily (1991). Through her bizarrely delightful character, Ricci impressed bothaudiences and critics alike. As a result, she was promoted to stardom. Riccithen was seen as Jessica in The Cemetery Club (1993) before reprising hercrucial role of Wednesday Addams in Addams Family Values (1993).In 1995, Ricci's next breakthrough arrived when she starred as a relatively"normal" kid in Casper (1995, portrayed Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey). Due toher bright performance, she was honored with a Young Star for Young Actress in aComedy Film (1995) and a National Association of Theater Owners ShowEast Star ofTomorrow award.She followed it up with Now and Then (1995, played young Roberta Martin), GoldDiggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (1995, portrayed Beth Easton), Bastard Outof Carolina (1996, cameo role), a title character in Little Red Riding Hood(1997), The Last of the High Kings (1996, played Erin) and a starring role inThat Darn Cat (1997, portrayed Patti Randall).The child actress made a successful transformation after getting a more adultrole in Ang Lee's powerful 70s drama The Ice Storm (1997), playing the troubledand sexually precocious suburban teenager named Wendy Hood and starring withsuch heavy-hitters as Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Allen, Elijah Wood andKatie Holmes. Ricci again received rave reviews for her bright performance inthe film.In 1998, Ricci added eight more silver screen movies to her resume as well ascollected several awards. After providing her voice for Souvenir (1998), Riccigained notice for her brilliant performance as the kidnapped victim named Laylain Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66 (1998), in which she earned a National Board ofReview Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1998. She next appeared with fellowsuperstar Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998, played Lucy).The same year, Ricci was again launched to stardom through her character asDedee Truit, a caustic, pregnant teenager who causes mayhem, in the comedy-dramaThe Opposite of Sex (1998). For her spectacular performance, Ricci was awardedwith a Young Star for Young Actress in a Comedy Film, a Golden Satellite forBest Actress in a Motion Picture (musical or comedy), a Best Actress at theSeattle Film Festival as well as a National Board of Review award for BestSupporting Actress in 1998. She also received nominations at the Golden Globe,American Comedy, and Independent Spirit Awards for Best Actress.Ricci did voice work in Small Soldiers (1998) before attracting attention forher portrayal of a photographer's laundry-obsessed girlfriend, Shelley, inPecker (1998, helmet by John Waters), where she was garnered with a NationalBoard of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1998. Ricci played ElyJackson in 1998's Desert Blue and a teenage hooker in 1998's I Woke Up Early theDay I Died.In 1999, the rising star took part in two independent films: 200 Cigarettes(1999), joining a star-studded cast of Ben Affleck, Courtney Love and KateHudson, and No Vacancy (1999), before working again with Johnny Depp in TimBurton's Sleepy Hollow (1999). Sleepy Hollow brought Ricci a BlockbusterEntertainment award for Favorite Actress in a Horror Film in 2000.In the new millennium, Ricci continued to play essential roles, includingcostarring with Kim Basinger in the thriller Bless the Child (2000), portrayingCheri Post. Because of her bravura performance, she took home her secondBlockbuster Entertainment award for Favorite Supporting Actress in a SuspenseFilm in 2001. With Sally Potter directing, Ricci rejoined Johnny Depp in theWorld War II drama The Man Who Cried (2000, also starring Cate Blanchett andJohn Turturro).In 2001, Ricci tried her hand in producing films with her debut as theco-producer of the highly anticipated movie based on the adaptation of ElizabethWurtzel's best-selling novel, Prozac Nation (2001). Not only working behind thescene, she was also seen as an honor student opposite Michelle Williams,Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jessica Lange.The subsequent year, Ricci could be seen as Cassie Grant in the independentthriller The Gathering (2002). She also starred in Moisés Kaufman's The LaramieProject (2002), a film based on the adaptation of Moisés Kaufman's stage dramaabout the repercussions of the murder of Matthew Shepard. Ricci then starred andproduced Pumpkin (2002), a satire about a fraternity girl who falls for adisabled man. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. She also starredas Miranda in Marc Munden's film Miranda (2002). Miranda was also screened atthe Sundance Film Festival.Ricci played a starring role in Woody Allen's Anything Else (2003) beforeportraying Shana, opposite Joshua Jackson, in Adam Goldberg's I Love Your Work(2003). In Patty Jenkins' Aileen Wuornos biopic Monster (2003), Ricci was castas the lesbian lover of Charlize Theron's serial killer character. She earned anomination at the MTV Movie awards for Best Kiss (shared with Charlize Theron)for her work in the film. Recently, she played Ellie in Cursed (2005) beforeportraying Sophie Scholl in the upcoming The White Rose (2005).Awards: Young Hollywood: Hottest, Coolest Young Veteran, 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment: Favorite Supporting Actress in a Suspense Film, Bless the Child, 2001 Saturn: 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment: Favorite Actress in a Horror Film, Sleepy Hollow, 2000 Best Actress: at the Seattle Film Festival, The Opposite of Sex, 1998 Golden Satellite: Best Actress in a Motion Picture (musical or comedy), The Opposite of Sex, 1998 National Board of Review: Best Supporting Actress, The Opposite of Sex, Pecker and Buffalo 66, 1998 Young Star: Young Actress in a Comedy Film, The Opposite of Sex, 1998 Florida Film Critics Circle: 1998 Young Star: Young Actress in a Comedy Film, Casper, 1995 National Association of Theater Owners Show East Star of Tomorrow: 1995
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