Brayen Eno

Brayen Eno

British musician, electronics, music theorist and record producer.
As soon as I hear a sound, it always suggests a mood to me. More Brayen Eno quotes [09/11/2011 06:09:33]
I hate the rock music tradition. I can't bear it! More Brayen Eno quotes [09/11/2011 06:09:09]
If you watch any good player, they're using different parts of their body and working with instruments that respond to those movements. They're moving in many dimensions at once.More Brayen Eno quotes [09/11/2011 06:09:47]
Avant-garde music is sort of research music. You're glad someone's done it but you don't necessarily want to listen to it. More Brayen Eno quotes [09/11/2011 06:09:45]
It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene.More Brayen Eno quotes [09/11/2011 06:09:22]

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