Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

American basketball player
Background:“I know that I’ll crash. The money will be gone, the fame will be gone. But in my heart, I’ll know that I lived the way I wanted to live and I‘m okay. I had nothing before and I‘ll end up with nothing.” Dennis Rodman A former basketball superstar, Dennis Rodman is primarily known for his controversial, on and off the court antics and as a top defender and rebounder. Starting his professional career with the Detroit Pistons, Rodman made it big by scoring two championships in 1989 and 1990. Two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, Rodman gained even more recognition as the Chicago Bulls’ power forward, in which he won the NBA consecutive championships in 1996–1998. The top rebounder of his generation, and one of the best defenders of his positions, Rodman led the NBA in rebounding for seven consecutive seasons from 1992–1998.As an actor, Rodman received mix reviews for his work in the action film Double Team (1997, opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme), in which he netted three Razzie Awards. He also starred in Simon Sez (1999) and will play a role in the forthcoming Coming Attractions (2006). On the small screen, Rodman joined the cast of the series “Soldier of Fortune, Inc” (1998), and made such TV films as Cutaway (2000) and Stripper's Ball (2003). He will also contribute to the 2006 TV film Lingerie Bowl. Remembered more for creating trouble and controversy, and for his eccentric appearance (with numerous tattoos and piercings, and ever-changing brightly hued hair), Rodman was sued by actress Tina New for $10 million dollars because she claims he raped her after meeting her in a bar in Newport Beach, California, in Summer 1999. He also became tabloid headlines for kicking a cameraman in the groin on his 11-game suspension in 1997. His disgraceful behavior peaked in the mid-1990s when Rodman became romantically involved with pop icon Madonna. “I left the table by myself and went to see Madonna. We were in a stairwell, and she was saying, ‘You love me. You want to be with me. Leave with me right now and forget your girlfriend.’” Dennis Rodman Rodman is also well-known for wearing a wedding dress at a public appearance to promote his autobiography “As Bad as I Wanna Be” (1996). He also wrote “Walk On the Wild Side” (1997). Dennis the MenaceChildhood and Family:In Trenton, New Jersey, Dennis Keith Rodman was born on May 13, 1961, to parents Philander and Shirley Rodman. Along with his two younger sisters, Dennis was raised by their single mom after his father, who joined the Air Force, abandoned the family. Shirley and her three children then moved to Dallas when Dennis was 4, where she filed for divorce. To support the family, Dennis’ mom had to take on as many as four jobs at once. Growing up in Dallas, Texas, young introvert Dennis was far from a basketball prospect in high school. Only 5-foot 6, he was even expelled from the school team his freshmen year at South Oak Cliff High School. After graduation in 1979, Dennis took a string of odd jobs and began to get into trouble. As an overnight doorkeeper at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, he was arrested for stealing watches from a store in the airport. Fortunately, the police released the bad boy after Dennis gave back the watches. Dennis attended Cooke County Junior College in Gainesville, Texas, but dropped out of college after only one semester. He next transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Here, with an amazing growth of 11 inches in a year, Dennis became a good scorer as well as a good rebounder for the university’s basketball team. In 1993, Dennis Rodman, whose nicknames are The Worm and Dennis the Menace, married Annie Banks, a model who was born on August 16, 1958. However, the union only lasted for 82 days. Following the separation, Dennis married actress Carmen Electra on November 14, 1998. Alas, it also ended in divorce on April 6, 1999. On May 13, 2003, Dennis remarried again, this time to Michelle Moyer, with whom he shares two children.Double TeamCareer:Dennis Rodman began his career as a professional NBA player before breaking into the Hollywood scene. Young Rodman had to dump his dreams of playing high school basketball due to his short height, 5-foot-6 at that time. As he jumped to 6-foot-7 after high school, Rodman developed into a force on the playground. After a stint in junior collage, Rodman caught the attention of Southeastern Oklahoma State and was invited to join the university basketball team. Scoring successes and being named first-team NAIA All-American three straight seasons, Rodman’s position continued to rise as he won MVP honors. Rodman began his professional career when The Detroit Pistons selected the 25-year-old in the second round of the 1986 NBA Draft. Led by Isiah Thomas at point guard, Bill Laimbeer at center and Joe Dumars as shooting guard, the up-and-coming team had noteworthy role players in Adrian Dantley, Vinnie Johnson, John Salley and Rick Mahorn. Adding Rodman to the team’s lists, The Pistons, known for its rough style of play and tenacious defense, successfully won their first NBA championship in 1989. As for Rodman, his outstanding contribution handed him a Defensive Player of the Year award. He had another victory in his hands when The Pistons won their second straight championship in 1990, in which Rodman once again was named The Defensive Player of the Year. After his second top rebounding season, Rodman was traded to the San Antonio Spurs in 1993 for Sean Elliott. Before playing his first game with The Spurs, Rodman decided to makeover his appearance by shaving his head and dying the remaining hair blonde, which only added to his growing bad boy image. During his time with The Spurs, Rodman helped them to their best season in franchise history with 62 wins, and they made it to the Western Conference finals. Moving to the Chicago Bulls, Rodman was recruited to fill a large hole in the power forward left by Horace Grant. The Bulls, with Rodman and the return from withdrawal of Michael Jordan, succeeded to bring a championship back in 1996 after a two-year absence, and continued the victory for two consecutive years until 1998. With Jordan winning the scoring title, Rodman led the league in rebounding for the fifth straight year. Besides, Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Jordan also made the All-Defensive First Team, the first time three players from the same team made it on the first team.The phenomenal Rodman departed The Bulls in 1998 and signed with the LA Lakers in 1998, but was waived by the club after less than three months. He also had another brief stint with the Dallas Mavericks before finally quitting the league in 2000.While enjoying a success on court, Rodman also tried his hand in wrestling and had a few matches for World Championship Wrestling. Rodman had his first match at Bash at the Beach ‘97 on July 13, 1997, which was lost to Lex Luger and The Giant. In the next season, he defeated Karl Malone & Diamond Dallas Page. He had his last match at Road Wild in 1999 where he lost to Randy Savage. In addition to the NBA and the WCW careers, Rodman branched out to film in 1997. He made his debut with a costarring role opposite action star Jean-Claude Van Damme in the Hark Tsui-helmed Double Team (1997). His cinematic debut, however, was negatively received by many film critics. As a result, Rodman was given three Razzies for Worst New Star, Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple (shared with Jean-Claude Van Damme) in the following year. In 1998, Rodman also landed his first television role as Deacon ‘Deke’ Reynolds in the TV series “Soldier of Fortune, Inc.” Back to the big screen, he starred in the title character of Kevin Elders’ Simon Sez (1999), opposite Dane Cook. After making a brief appearance in theaters, the action movie hastily recoiled to the home video market. As Rodman dropped out of the NBA league in the new millennium, he continued to pursue an acting career and teamed up with veterans Tom Berenger and Stephen Baldwin in the made-for-TV film Cutaway (2000). Three years later, he appeared as himself in a TV film directed by Bill Fisher, Stripper's Ball (2003). After a seven-year absence from filmmaking, Rodman is scheduled to make his way back with the comedy Coming Attractions (2006), starring Josh Bunch, Mary Carey and Tony Casalino. Also in 2006, Rodman is set to appear in the television film Lingerie Bowl (2006). During his hiatus from the screen, in 2005, Rodman resurfaced on court and took part in two different contests in Finland. He participated at Sonkajärvi in a wife-carrying contest in the summer of 2005, but resigned because of health problems. At the end of the year, Rodman played a single match and scored 17 points for Torpan Pojat in the Finnish Elite League. Awards: Razzie: Worst Screen Couple (shared with Jean-Claude Van Damme), Double Team, 1998 Razzie: Worst Supporting Actor, Double Team, 1998 Razzie: Worst New Star, Double Team, 1998
I'm trying to find new ways to make this game more attractive.More Dennis Rodman quotes [10/15/2012 01:10:56]
I don't trust what this life has given me.More Dennis Rodman quotes [10/16/2012 08:10:35]
For years the league has thought I've been on drugs. I would have burned out a long time ago if that was true.More Dennis Rodman quotes [10/15/2012 01:10:23]
I was running, jumping and doing my thing. My focus was to just show them I could jump, get up to the rim. I tried to get a lot of rebounds, run, maneuver, set screens and stuff like that. ... I think I'll be back here. I think they freaked out. They couldn't believe I am 43 years old.More Dennis Rodman quotes [10/17/2012 04:10:45]
Don't let what other people think decide who you are.More Dennis Rodman quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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