Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky

Mistress President Clinton
In 1995 Monica Lewinsky was a recent college graduate with a position as an intern in the White House. In January of 1998 the news broke that Linda Tripp, a former co-worker, had Monica on tape talking about an illicit affair between Lewinsky and president Bill Clinton. Eventually Lewinsky was granted immunity from prosecution, in exchange for detailed testimony of her liaisons with Clinton, who, in public and under oath, had denied any sexual relationship. When Clinton was forced to admit an "inappropriate relationship," the House of Representatives impeached him. Lewinsky told her side in the 1999 book Monica's Story (written by Andrew Morton) and later started a new career as a handbag designer.In 2003, Lewinsky hosted the TV reality show Mr. Personality... Lewinsky's case is sometimes compared to that of another Washington intern, the late Chandra Levy.Source:
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