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Kylie Minogue

Her role in the Australian long-running TV soap opera Neighbours
Background:Australian actress/singer Kylie Minogue first cemented her positionas an international star while portraying aggressive, fiery,girl-next-door mechanic Charlene Mitchell/Robinson, opposite JasonDonovan, in the Australian well-liked soap opera "Neighbors"(1986-1988). She received the Gold Logie Award for her brightperformance in the show.Kylie's singing career began shortly after she gained her popularityfrom Neighbors. Working with hit-makers Stock, Aitken and Waterman,Kylie drew the attention of the public with her collection of dancesongs in her debut album titled Kylie, which spawned suchchart-topping singles as "I Should Be So Lucky," "Got To Be Certain,""Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi," "Hand On Your Heart," "Wouldn't Change AThing" and "Never Too Late." The album became the highest sellingalbum in the UK, received gold certification in the US and sold over 7million copies worldwide. Kylie became the youngest female and firstAustralian artist to top the UK album chart. In 1995, she gainedacclaimed for her collaboration with Nick Cave in "Where The WildRoses Grow," (1995) in which she won two ARIA Awards for her work inthe song.Kylie was again widely recognized with the release of her eighthstudio album, the 2001's Fever. The first single "Can't Get You OutOf My Head" exploded to No. 1 in over 40 countries and the albumgained worldwide exposure as it sold over six million copiesinternationally. She won the 2002 Brit Awards for Best InternationalFemale & Best International Album. The album also produced the hitsingle "Love At First Sight," which gave Kylie a 2003 Grammynomination. In 2004, she was launched to stardom when she took homethe Grammy for her hit single "Come Into My World." Kylie continuedher victory with Body Language (2003), spawning the lead single"Slow," which also received a Grammy nomination. Recently, Kyliereceived the 2005 Brit Award nomination for her work in her secondofficial greatest hits album titled Ultimate Kylie (2004). It alsoproduces the chart-topping hits "I Believe in You," "Giving You Up"and "Made of Glass."As for her romantic life, sexy Kylie was romantically involved withseveral men, including actor Oliver Martinez, singer Jason Donovan,front man for INXS Michael Hutchence (deceased), singer Lenny Kravits,Tim Jeffries, model Zane O'Donnell, French photographer StephaneSednaoui, RSC actor Rupert Penry-Jones and James Gooding. Kylierecently was reportedly to have agreed to marry her French loveOlivier Martinez but her management denies the report.ABBA EnthusiastChildhood and Family:In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Kylie Ann Minogue was born on May28, 1968, to Welsh parents. Her father is Ron Minogue, an accountant,and her mother is Carol Minogue. Kylie grew up in Surrey Hills' innerMelbourne suburb with sister Dannii Minougue (born on October 20,1971, actress and model), and brother Brendan Minougue (born on August30, 1983, TV cameraman)."When I was eight, my pals and I went up to my bedroom, put on ourparty frocks and mimed to ABBA records using broom handles asmicrophones." Kylie MinogueKylie took tap, jazz and piano lessons during her childhood. As achild, she displayed her love for music with the great influence ofsuch legendary bands as ABBA, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.When she turned 11, however, shy Kylie began her career in acting whenshe received a part in the Aussie television show The Sullivants, butwas overshadowed by her younger sister's popularity.During her early years acting, Kylie was careful to maintain herstudies. After school, she decided to focus on her acting career. Atabout the same time she became a popular actress, her chance to pursuea career in music opened up.FeverCareer:Kylie Minogue entered the entertainment industry as a young girl. Atage eleven, she joined in an audition for The Sullivans (1980) andlanded the role of Carla. She next was seen in several Australiantelevision shows like the 1979's "Skyways," (1980) "The HendersonKids" (1985) and "Fame and Misfortune" (1986).Kylie's big break arrived when she was cast as series regularCharlene Mitchell/Robinson in the popular Aussie soap opera"Neighbors" (1986-1988). Her turn as an aggressive, fiery,girl-next-door, opposite Jason Donovan, exploded the rating charts.As a result, Kylie won the Gold Logie award for the country's MostPopular Television Performer.During her stint in the show, Kylie's music career began when shesigned a recording contract with Mushroom Records in 1987 afterperforming Little Eva's sixties hit "Locomotion" for a charity event.Within days, the song was released as her debut single and quicklytopped the Australian music charts for seven weeks. It also becamethe highest selling single of the year.When Neighbor aired in the UK, Kylie captured the attention ofrenowned producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman. In 1988, when shefinished filming her last scene on the show, the Australian beautyheaded to England for a five-year, four-album contract with Stock,Aitken and Waterman, and decided to concentrate fully on her musiccareer. She eventually launched her debut album, Kylie, a collectionof dance songs, in the UK. The album entered the UK and Australiancharts at No. 2 but soon peaked at No. 1 on the British album charts,making Kylie the youngest female and first Australian artist to topthe UK album chart. With chart-topping singles like "I Should Be SoLucky," "Got To Be Certain," "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi," "Hand On YourHeart," "Wouldn't Change A Thing" and "Never Too Late," the albumbecame the year's highest selling album in the UK, received Goldcertification in the US, and sold over 7 million copies worldwide.This was one of the most successful starts to a pop career ever.Following the huge success of her debut album, Kylie's second studioalbum, Enjoy Yourself, hit the music shelves in the year 1989. Thealbum again gained popularity in her native country and the UnitedKingdom but did poorly in the United States. As a result, herAmerican record company Geffen Records dropped her. To delight herfans, Kylie embarked on her first concert tour in Australia, theUnited Kingdom, France and Belgium.Returning to acting, Kylie got her first movie role starring as LolaLovell in The Delinquents (1989), a movie about a young girl growingup in Australia during the late of 1950s. With Kylie's popularity inmusic used as the vehicle, the film rapidly went to No. 1 at the boxoffice in the UK and Australia.Presenting a more complicated and adult style of dance music, Kyliereleased her third album, Rhythm Of Love, in 1990. In the album, shebegan to pen her own songs and worked with Stephen Bray. Rhythm OfLove spawned four hit singles: "Step Back n Time," "Shocked," "What DoI Have To Do?" and "Better The Devil You Know," which sold well inboth Europe and Australia. When "Shocked" tore up the British Top Tenin 1991, Kylie became the first recording artist to position theirfirst 13 single releases in the Top 10.She followed it up with her forth album, the 1991's Let's Get To It,which displayed a various range of ballads and slower dance songs.Kylie received rave reviews for her work but her album was adisappointment on the British Top 10. After completing her secondtour in the UK, Kylie released the Greatest Hits album to coincidewith her departure from Stock, Aitken and Waterman in 1992.After leaving Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Kylie signed a new recorddeal with Deconstruction Records to produce more mature music. Herself-titled album, Kylie Minogue, was launched in 1994, spawning charthits like "Confide In Me" and "Put Yourself In My Place." In heralbum, she collaborated with artists like Pet Shop Boys and M Peoplebut received negative reviews from critics and record buyers.After years of disappearing from the film scene to concentrate on hermusic career, Kylie was cast as Cammy in Van Damme's Street Fighter(1994). However, her performance received mixed reviews from criticsand Washington Post's Richard Harrington named her the worst actressin the English-speaking world. The following years saw Kylieappearing in Hayride to Hell (1995) and Misfit (1996) and she playedDr. Petra von Kant in Bio-Dome (1996)."He taught me to never veer too far from who I am, but to go further,try different things, and never lose sight of myself at the core. Forme, the hard part was unleashing the core of myself and being totallytruthful in my music." Kylie Minogue on Nick CaveIn 1995, Kylie attracted attention through her collaboration withNick Cave in "Where The Wild Roses Grow," (1995) a murder ballad whoselyrics narrate a murder from the points of view of both the murderer(Cave), and his victim (Kylie). The single ripped apart the charts inEurope and Australia, and won ARIA Awards for Song of the Year andBest Pop Release. The following year, Kylie worked with the ManicStreet Preachers and released an album titled Impossible Princess(1997). Though it became the highest selling album in Australia sinceher debut album, Impossible Princess became the lowest selling albumin the UK.Inspired by such 1970's disco artists as Village People and DonnaSummers, Kylie launched her next recording album, Light Years (2000),after signing a contract with Parlophone in 1999. In her album, sheincluded several songs penned by Guy Chambers and Robbie Williams.The single "Spinning Around" became her first British number one in 10years and the album received huge success throughout Asia, Australiaand Europe. Kylie next released her collaboration with RobbieWilliams titled "Kids," which also sold well. Still in the newmillennium, Kylie performed "On a Night Like This" at the closingceremonies of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.In the new millennium, Kylie was seen acting in Cut (2000) and SamplePeople (2000) but the films failed to attract an audience. In 2001,she made an impressive performance when she had a cameo as Absinthe,The Green Fairy in director Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge (2001,starring Nicole Kidman). Recently, Kylie provided her voice forFlorence in The Magic Roundabout (2005).Kylie's next big break arrived with the release of her eighth studioalbum, Fever, in 2001. The lead single "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"skyrocketed to No. 1 in over 40 countries and her album sold over sixmillion copies worldwide. She also won the 2002 Brit Awards for BestInternational Female & Best International Album. The album spawnedthree more hit singles, "In Your Eyes," "Love At First Sight" and"Come Into My World," which also topped the rating charts. In 2003,Kylie received a nomination at the Grammys for Best Dance Recordingfor "Love At First Sight." The following year, she took home a Grammyfor Best Dance Recording for "Come Into My World."Following the giant success of Fever, Kylie continued her triumphwith the launching of Body Language in 2003. It contains a number ofcollaborations with such artists as Johnny Douglas, Mantronix,Emiliana Torrini, Dan Carey, Baby Ash, and Cathy Dennis. The firstsingle of the album, "Slow," premiered at No. 2 in Australia and No. 6in the UK. The second single, "Red Blooded Woman," debuted at No. 5in UK and No. 4 in her native Australia. The final hit, "Chocolate,"became the Most Added Track to Australian radio. The album itself wascertified platinum in UK, received two-times platinum certification inAustralia and a Gold certification in Austria and Switzerland. In2004, Kylie garnered a Grammy nomination for her work in "Slow" forBest Dance Recording."Since my first hit, I can't believe how quickly time has passed.This collection is very dear to me and holds a lifetime of memories.There is nothing like time to give you a sense of perspective and Ihope the listener gets as much enjoyment out of these tracks as I do.I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to experiment throughout theyears and that my fans have embraced the need in me to try newapproaches. I am just as excited about the new tracks featured hereas I am about all the others on the record. At this point in mycareer, I am happy to celebrate the past and look forward to thefuture." Kylie Minogue on her greatest hits compilation UltimateKylieIn November 2004, Kylie launched her second official greatest hitsalbum titled Ultimate Kylie. The lead single "I Believe in You,"which was co-written with Baby Daddy from the Scissor Sisters and JakeShears, scorched through the charts and became her 28th British Top 10single. On January 2005, it continued to stay at No. 1 on the UKchart for the 6th week in a row. Her second single, "Giving You Up,"was selected by Radio 1 in the UK as their early breakfast Record ofthe Week. One more hit, "Made of Glass," became the No. 1 most addedtract to radio in Australia in March 2005. For her achievements,Kylie recently received 2005's Brit Award nomination for Best Female.While promoting her newest album, Kylie emerged on a tour calledShowgirl, The Greatest Hits, early in 2005. However, the remainder ofthe tour was delayed on May 2005 after Kylie was diagnosed with breastcancer.Awards: Grammy: Best Dance Recording, "Come Into My World," 2004 Brit Awards: Best International Female & Best International Album, 2002 MTV Europe Music: Best Pop and Best Dance, 2002 ARIA: Song of the Year, "Where The Wild Roses Grow," 1995 ARIA: Best Pop Release, "Where The Wild Roses Grow," 1995 Gold Logie: 1987 
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