I think everybody should just turn off their TV machines and make up their own songs about whatever comes to mind-their couch, their friends their loaves of bread. Everybody's got their own songs. There should be so many songs out there that it all turns into one big sound and we can put the whole thing into a pickup truck and let it roll off the edge of the Grand Canyon.More Beck quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
You can't write if you can't relate.More Beck quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I love British humor. It's just so - surreal.More Beck quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I had long hair when I was a teenager.More Beck quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
For the records I've work on over the last 10 years, I get sent the really compressed version and the non-compressed version, and oftentimes you end up going with the more compressed one because it's what people's ears are attuned to. I think the bigger problem is saturation and people being desensitized.More Beck quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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