Lera Vesnina

Lera Vesnina

People are so strange, in the kinder garden they married all the time, but at 25 they say it is to early.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/18/2016 11:07:02]
Earlier I loved sweets but now I love my earlier days.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/28/2016 11:07:15]
To pass the time in the queue to the doctor of the district health center, grandfather took with him the book "War and Peace" and had read all four volumes.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/25/2016 09:07:33]
I'm not perfect, but I have real eyebrows.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/11/2016 10:07:05]
Childhood is when the trees were large and the belly was smaller.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/22/2018 08:07:48]

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