Lera Vesnina

Lera Vesnina

Explain to me, an ordinary woman, why some slowness men understand the word "no" only after hitting his head with the stool?More Lera Vesnina quotes [08/04/2016 10:08:31]
Come on ... shows where you're special ...More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/19/2016 09:07:27]
Nothing humiliates a woman when a man from her only need beauty.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/24/2016 09:07:59]
I went to wash my hair - washed the bath, sink, washer. I want some tea - I'm afraid go to the kitchen.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/12/2016 09:07:42]
Studies have shown that the best homeopathy helps those who sell it.More Lera Vesnina quotes [07/27/2016 10:07:44]

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