Klaus Kinski

Klaus Kinski

German actor
If I hadn't refused Ken Russell, Fellini and Spielberg and made their movies when they asked me, my life would be no different. It is not my fault that I accepted one movie and turned down another. I don't see any point in defending myself, either.More Klaus Kinski quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Why have I had this life? If I knew, I wouldn't have done it.More Klaus Kinski quotes [05/22/2006 12:05:00]
Most of the time, when I travel, I leave my car at the airport, even some weeks it costs me some hundreds of dollars; I don't care.More Klaus Kinski quotes [05/22/2006 12:05:00]
Faster! Can't you see there is someone behind us? Why do you go so slow? Just go!More Klaus Kinski quotes [05/22/2006 12:05:00]
I am not the Jesus of the official church tolerated by those in power. I am not your superstar.More Klaus Kinski quotes [05/22/2006 12:05:00]

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