Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher

“And they will be after the same thing,”More Tyler Christopher quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]
“The key is to keep improving. I'm not there yet. I know I have to keep trying to improve and keep trying to get faster.”More Tyler Christopher quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]
“That will be a good meet. There will be five guys there that were in the final of the World Championships.”More Tyler Christopher quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]
I was certain I was going to do something in sports.More Tyler Christopher quotes [03/12/2018 02:03:32]
“He is determined to win the gold at the Commonwealth Games, but he knows it won't be easy.”More Tyler Christopher quotes [12/03/2006 12:12:00]

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