Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver

is the founder of Natural Selling® Sales Training, a holistic breakthrough approach to selling that completely eliminates rejection, objections and the fear of talking with people!
The degree that a person will change is mostly dependent on the degree of discomfort he/she is feeling about their present situation.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:50]
As a parent, you must give of yourself so your child can achieve. The worst thing that we have in America today is that our children are failing and we are failing our children.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 01:10:38]
People have the answers. All you need are the right questions.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:39]
Facts belong to the world. Feelings belong to the individual.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:01]
Whatever you’re feeling is what you’re resonating, and whatever you’re resonating is what you’re attracting.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:10]

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