Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver

is the founder of Natural Selling® Sales Training, a holistic breakthrough approach to selling that completely eliminates rejection, objections and the fear of talking with people!
The degree that a person will change is mostly dependent on the degree of discomfort he/she is feeling about their present situation.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:50]
Instead of forcing yourself to do something... relax yourself into doing it.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:45]
Canned scripts are for people who live in cansMore Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:41]
Selling is the art of solving problems through patiently asking questions and listening.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:28]
Go slow to go fast.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:14]

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