Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver

is the founder of Natural Selling® Sales Training, a holistic breakthrough approach to selling that completely eliminates rejection, objections and the fear of talking with people!
Instead of forcing yourself to do something... relax yourself into doing it.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:45]
You don’t need closing or objection handling techniques for someone who really wants to make a change.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:33]
Manipulative questions will get the answers you want, but will they get the answers you need?More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:14]
It’s not circumstances but choice that determines your present and your future!More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:54]
People have the answers. All you need are the right questions.More Michael Oliver quotes [10/01/2011 07:10:39]

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