Vitaliy Klitschko

Vitaliy Klitschko

an Ukrainian professional heavyweight boxer and the current WBC world heavyweight champion.
He is a strong fighter. A great fighter, his record speaks for itself. I mean everybody who gets in there (with Vitali) basically gets knocked out, probably the toughest fight I have ever had. I think we devised a game plan to be mentally and physically ready to show you all something that you have never seen before. So if you miss this one, you will certainly miss the best fight of my career and I have had some good fights.More Vitaliy Klitschko quotes [09/13/2011 10:09:23]
Simple pictures with lots of flowers, trees and green - full of emotion and positive energy. You can see at once they all have a very positive attitude. They are open to everyone. We just have to help them along in life.More Vitaliy Klitschko quotes [09/13/2011 10:09:17]
This is our victory,More Vitaliy Klitschko quotes [09/13/2011 10:09:40]
I want to become Kiev mayor because I love my city very much and want to improve life in it.More Vitaliy Klitschko quotes [09/13/2011 10:09:37]
I had a special bandage fitted to my knee but sparring was still difficult,More Vitaliy Klitschko quotes [09/13/2011 10:09:02]

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