Samuel Eto\'o

Samuel Eto\'o

is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Russian team Anzhi Machachkala
The important thing is that all the players stick together to fight against bad influences in football.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:52]
The team can function without me as no one player is untouchable. Barca have players of the highest quality and I know whichever player comes in for me will do well.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:39]
We have a cushion. We have to continue winning but the pressure is on our rivals. When you are behind, it's down to you to win back the points you've dropped. We can afford a couple of defeats without losing the leadership, whereas if Madrid loses it will be very hard for them to win the title.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 06:09:17]
The club cannot control them (the fans). We have to look for solutions among us all, and let's see what the courts can do.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:36]
We should all unite to fight these kinds of racist acts,More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:02]

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