Samuel Eto\'o

Samuel Eto\'o

is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Russian team Anzhi Machachkala
I can't see the Eiffel Tower yet. We're only halfway there. Soccer is so crazy that things can turn around at any moment. We have to keep calm heads even if our hearts are hot.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:15]
Football is sometimes like this. We played really well but wasted far too many chances tonight...we should really have eliminated them already.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:57]
Madrid, you bastards, salute the champions!More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:10]
We should all unite to fight these kinds of racist acts,More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:02]
If it is just the clubs that are fined, then people know they can get away with it. We need to work together to find the answers, the law and the legal system can help deal with the problem too.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:25]

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