Samuel Eto\'o

Samuel Eto\'o

is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Russian team Anzhi Machachkala
If Valencia lose, it'll be back to nine points, so who should be more worried? Personally, I'm very relaxed.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:32]
It was important to win the first game. I don't know what we can do in the whole tournament but on a good day, we can beat any team.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:48]
Let's win the league title and then I think we'll be able to concentrate on the Champions League.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:42]
Everyone has to take responsibility.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:56]
This is the same team who were not fortunate enough to go to the World Cup finals. Football is also about luck and then we didn't have any. Today we played really well and won and it should make us feel good about the rest of the competition. We're here to go as far as possible.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:58]

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