Samuel Eto\'o

Samuel Eto\'o

is a Cameroonian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Russian team Anzhi Machachkala
It was important to win the first game. I don't know what we can do in the whole tournament but on a good day, we can beat any team.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:48]
From the start of the game I had to put up with the chants and celebrating the goal the way I did helped me get rid of some of the anger.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:16]
Over and above the debate about which of us is best we both represent our continent and we both play in big clubs.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:54]
We have a cushion. We have to continue winning but the pressure is on our rivals. When you are behind, it's down to you to win back the points you've dropped. We can afford a couple of defeats without losing the leadership, whereas if Madrid loses it will be very hard for them to win the title.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 06:09:17]
If Valencia lose, it'll be back to nine points, so who should be more worried? Personally, I'm very relaxed.More Samuel Eto\'o quotes [09/12/2011 05:09:32]

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