Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

American fashion designer, businesswoman
Iíve always loved the vibrancy and hand-crafted feel of African prints and textiles.More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:30]
I call (it) pistachio and the only sort of dark color in the collection is indigo but it's a really rich blue. I don't think you always want to wear pastels for evening. Most of the collection is sort of pale.More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:05]
People have asked me, what about your tattoos when you're ninety? Why would it bother me then? I would still want to get tattooed even when I'm a grandmother.More Nicole Miller quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I'm not showing any black, ... All of the colors are orange, you know, roses. There's a beautiful shade of aqua this year, and a really nice lilac, a deep lilac.More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:28]
It's really a lot of fun. But every season it seems that I come up with new silhouette ideas that seem to take hold and have a lot of longevity.More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:15]

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