Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

American fashion designer, businesswoman
There's a new person drinking a cup of coffee outside their home every day, and there's also someone going from one cup to two.More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:48]
When I walk out on the street, I want to see everybody wearing my clothes.More Nicole Miller quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I think people like wearing things that feel organic and not like they're produced in a factory somewhere.More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:07]
I'm not showing any black, ... All of the colors are orange, you know, roses. There's a beautiful shade of aqua this year, and a really nice lilac, a deep lilac.More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:28]
Well, wouldn't you? Everybody wants to be a size 2, right?More Nicole Miller quotes [09/05/2011 09:09:52]

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