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Whenever I was upset by something in the papers, Jack always told me to be more tolerant, like a horse flicking away flies in the summer.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
As the end of the century approaches, all our culture is like the culture of flies at the beginning of winter. Having lost their agility, dreamy and demented, they turn slowly about the window in the first icy mists of morning. They give themselves a last wash and brush-up, their oscillated eyes roll, and they fall down the curtains.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
The primacy of the word, basis of the human psyche, that has in our age been used for mind-bending persuasion and brain-washing pulp, disgraced by Gobbles and debased by advertising copy, remains a force for freedom that flies out between all bars.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
A goose flies by a chart which the Royal Geographical Society could not mend.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
The short bloom of our brief and narrow life flies far away. While we are calling for flowers and wine and woman, old age is upon us.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Father in Heaven! When the thought of thee wakes in our hearts let it not awaken like a frightened bird that flies about in dismay, but like a child waking from its sleep with a heavenly smile.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gal. So with men. If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend. Therein is a drop of honey which catches his heart, which, say what he will, is the highroad to his reason.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it; Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
There is no one, says another, whom fortune does not visit once in his life; but when she does not find him ready to receive her, she walks in at the door, and flies out at the window.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
When poverty comes in the door love flies out the window.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
More flies are caught with honey than with vinegar.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Whenever, at a party, I have been in the mood to study fools, I have always looked for a great beauty: they always gather round her like flies around a fruit stall.More [01/01/2000 12:01:00]
Carmine Falcone: [frantically loading his shotgun] What the hell are you?
[Batman breaks open the limo's sunroof and pulls Falcone out]
Bruce Wayne: I'm Batman!
[Batman knocks Falcone out with a headbutt, then notices a bum watching him. The bum is wearing the coat Bruce gave him years ago.]
Bruce Wayne: Nice coat.
[Batman flies off with Falcone]
Homeless Man: Thanks.More [08/15/2005 12:08:00]
Paul Niles: Do you always greet people with a gun in your hand?
Sam the Keeper: What this? This is just to keep the flies down! There's some weird things happening around here!More [12/27/2005 12:12:00]
I was supposed to go to the Superman premiere in London and meet the Queen, but Amityville couldn't release me because the flies they were breeding to crawl over Rod Steiger's face were hatching that day.More [09/15/2006 12:09:00]
I had my flies ripped so often that eventually, in public, I had to have a side zip... can you imagine anything more humiliating than that?More [10/29/2006 12:10:00]
Jack Sparrow: No worries! Tia Dalma and I go way back... thick as thieves, nigh inseparable we are... were... have been... before...
Gibbs: I'll watch yer back.
Jack Sparrow: It's me front I'm worried about.
Gibbs: [to Will] Mind the boat.
Will Turner: [to Ragetti] Mind the boat.
Ragetti: [to Pintel] Mind the boat.
Pintel: [to Marty] Mind the boat.
Marty: [to Cotton's parrot] Mind the boat.
Cotton's Parrot: [to Cotton] Mind the boat.
[It flies off, leaving Cotton to pout and sit back down in the boat]More [02/19/2007 12:02:00]
Hermione: Harry, no way! You heard what Madame Hooch said, besides, you don't even know how to fly!
[Harry ignores Hermione, giving Malfoy an evil look, he flies up. The class stare up at him]
Hermione: What an idiot!More [02/20/2007 12:02:00]
Tom Ryan: [his car is getting attacked by a mob] Don't worry kids. The doors are locked. There's no possible way they can
[a punch flies through the window and dazes him]
Tom Ryan: build the robot out of chocolate. But, that's just common sense. Oh, waiter!More [02/22/2007 12:02:00]
Man Outside Peter's apartment: [Peter is screwing his wheel onto his bicycle, the wheel flies outside and hits someone] Hey! You punk!
Peter Parker: Sorry!More [03/18/2007 12:03:00]
Mike Lowery: [a car flies over, nearly colliding with Mike's Ferrari] WHOOOOO, THAT one puckered up my butt-hole!More [04/09/2007 12:04:00]
[while Marius and his men are preparing to attack Dagonet, an arrow flies out of nowhere and kills Marius; his men look and see Guinevere aiming a bow at them]
Lancelot: Your hands seem better.More [04/25/2007 12:04:00]
Nick: [about the radio] Well, here she is. Ask and you shall receive.
Fetcher: That's biblical.
Nick: That's real craftmanship, is what it is. Solid as a rock.
[Fetcher bangs on it; a knob flies off and hits a chicken]
Fetcher: It's supposed to do that.More [05/03/2007 12:05:00]
Sawyer: [to Jin] It's Lord of the Flies time.More [05/21/2007 12:05:00]
Clark Griswald: So, this is the old homestead, eh?
Cousin Eddie: Yeah. I don't know for how much longer, though. The banks been after me like flies on a rib roast.More [05/22/2007 12:05:00]
Jo: [cow flies by in the storm] Cow.
[cow flies by in the storm]
Jo: 'Nother cow.
Bill: Actually I think that was the same one.More [06/20/2007 12:06:00]
Scott: [Opens his dorm room door to find Mieke] What are doing here? I just got your last email.
Mieke: Going to college.
Cooper: [Cooper is heard on Scotty's phone] What's the freak look like?
Scott: Which room are you in?
Mieke: This one. Room 214. I guess they thought I was a guy.
Scott: Now who would be dumb enough to make that mistake?
[Scotty and Mieke begin kissing]
Cooper: [Over the phone] Do I hear kissing noises? Scotty are you making out with your new room mate?
[Scotty and Mieke fall on Scotty's bed continuing to make out]
Cooper: Scotty? Scotty? SCOTTY!
Green Fairy: [Green Fairy appears] This happy ending is bullshit! When does the fairy get laid? I'm outta here!
[makes The End appear with his wand, flies away]More [06/26/2007 12:06:00]
Scott: [on the phone with Cooper and Jenny] Hold on, this must be my new roommate.
[Scotty opens the door and finds Mieke standing there]
Cooper: [yelling over the phone] What's the freak look like? Is he a dork or is he cool? He better not be cooler than me, is he cooler than me? Is he bigger than me?
Scott: I just got your last email. What are doing here?
Mieke: Going to college.
Scott: What dorm?
Mieke: This one. Room 2-1-4.
Scott: How is this even possible?
Mieke: I guess they thought I was a guy.
Scott: Now who be dumb enough to make a mistake like that?
[Scotty and Mieke begin kissing]
Cooper: [over the phone] Do I hear kissing? Are you making out with your roommate Scotty?
[Scotty and Mieke fall on Scotty's bed laughing and continue to make out]
Cooper: Scotty? Scotty? SCOTTY!
Green Fairy: [Green Fairy appears] This happy ending is bullshit! When does the fairy get laid? I'm outta here!
[makes the words The End appear with his wand, flies away]More [06/26/2007 12:06:00]
Maid Marian: Oh Broomhilde, look! A happy little bluebird! Hello!
[the bird lands on her finger]
Maid Marian: This means I must make a wish. I wish against wish, I hope against hope, that the heavens bring me a kind and wonderful gentleman who possesses the key to my...
[looks at her chastity belt, then looks at Broomhilde]
Maid Marian: heart.
[bird flies away]
Maid Marian: Goodbye, my little friend.
Broomhilde: Ooh, that happy little bluebird has left a happy little do-do on your hand!More [06/27/2007 12:06:00]
[to the pilot whom he is holding at gunpoint]
Cyrus Grissom: Say a word about this over the radio, and the next wings you see will belong to the flies buzzing over your rotting corpse!More [07/12/2007 12:07:00]
Colonel Mustard: How many husbands have you had?
Mrs. White: Mine or other women's?
Colonel Mustard: Yours.
Mrs. White: Five.
Colonel Mustard: Five?
Mrs. White: Yes, just the five. Husbands should be like Kleenex: soft strong and disposable.
Colonel Mustard: You lure men to their deaths like a spider with flies.
Mrs. White: Flies are where men are most vulnerable.
Colonel Mustard: Right!More [07/24/2007 12:07:00]
Maddy: See, I think there's a plan. There's a design for each and every one of us. You look at nature. Bird flies somewhere, picks up a seed, shits the seed out, plant grows. Bird's got a job, shit's got a job, seed's got a job. And you've got a job.More [07/25/2007 12:07:00]
Harmony Star: There's no such thing! Think about it: a guy who flies around the whole world in one night. It just doesn't quite correspond to the laws of time and travel.
Ernest P. Worell: Now, now, now, now, now, it's possible. You take the International Date Line, multiply it by the Time Zones, divided by the accelerated rotation of the earth... uh, carry the 1, and, uh, allowing for the Vernal Equinox on the Tropic of Cancer, he might just pull it off.More [10/16/2007 12:10:00]
Goanna: [about to eat Zak] Welcome to the food chain.
Crysta: Stop! He's a human!
Goanna: Uhh... what's a human?
Batty Koda: Delicious and nutritious! Tastes just like chicken!
[Crysta glares at Batty, then flies over to the Goanna]
Crysta: [about Zak] He's my friend.
Goanna: Any friend of a fairy...
[spits out Zak]
Goanna: ... is a friend of mine.
Crysta: Thanks.
Goanna: You owe me a free dinner after this one.More [11/03/2007 12:11:00]
Tevye: [to Golde] Quiet, woman, before I get angry, because when I get angry even flies don't dare to fly!More [11/05/2007 12:11:00]
Golde: Oh, you're finally here. Come, let's go home now.
Tevye: Golde, I want to see Motel's new machine.
Golde: You can see it some other time. Let's go home now.
Tevye: Listen woman! Don't get me angry! Because when I get angry, even the flies dare not to fly!
Golde: ...Oo, I'm so frightened of you! After I've made supper... I'll faint. Now, let's go!More [11/05/2007 12:11:00]
[demonstrating a weapon]
Zorg: Voila! The ZF-1.
[the weapon opens, and Zorg picks it up]
Zorg: It's light. Handle's adjustable for easy carrying, good for righties and lefties. Breaks down into four parts, undetectable by x-ray, ideal for quick, discreet interventions. A word on firepower. Titanium recharger, three thousand round clip with bursts of three to three hundred, and with the Replay button - another Zorg invention - it's even easier.
[the lights illuminate a mannequin dressed in Police armor]
Zorg: One shot...
[He spins on his heel and shoots the mannequin once]
Zorg: And Replay sends every following shot to the same location!
[He sprays bullets at the Mangalores, but all of them turn around and hit the mannequin]
Zorg: And to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies-but-goldies. Rocket launcher...
[a missile streaks out and destroys the mannequins riot shield]
Zorg: Arrow launcher, with exploding or poisonous gas heads...
[a set of darts hit the mannequin in the face]
Zorg: Very practical. Our famous net launcher...
[a net flies out and ensnares the mannequin]
Zorg: The always efficient flame-thrower...
[a stream of flame burns the mannequin]
Zorg: [grins] My favorite. And for the Grand Finale, the all new Ice Cube System!
[a cloud of liquid nitrogen envelops the mannequin, causing it to burst into pieces and collapse to the floor. The Mangalores applaud]More [11/07/2007 12:11:00]
Ariel: Hey MacCormick! When this hat flies in the air, you better have your butt in gear.More [11/15/2007 12:11:00]
[an Elvis statuette flies around the room during a Poltergeist appearance]
Ray Lynskey: He's alive!More [12/02/2007 12:12:00]
Frank Bannister: [to Stuart and Cyrus] You know flies stick to you guys like shit to a blanket?More [12/02/2007 12:12:00]
Gozer: [after Ray orders her to re-locate] Are you a God?
[Ray looks at Peter, who nods]
Dr Ray Stantz: No.
Gozer: Then... DIE!
[Lightning flies from her fingers, driving the Ghostbusters to the edge of the roof and almost off; people below scream]
Winston Zeddemore: Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!
Dr. Peter Venkman: All right! This chick is TOAST!More [12/14/2007 12:12:00]
Janosz: He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!More [12/18/2007 12:12:00]
Michael: My credit good enough to buy you out?
Moe Greene: Buy me out?
[Fredo laughs nervously]
Michael: The hotel, the casino. The Corleone Family wants to buy you out.
Moe Greene: The Corleone Family wants to buy me out? No, I buy you out, you don't buy me out.
Michael: Your casino loses money, maybe we can do better.
Moe Greene: You think I'm skimmin off the top, Mike?
Michael: [Michael shakes his head] You're unlucky.
Moe Greene: You goddamn guineas you really make me laugh. I do you a favor and take Freddie in when you're having a bad time, and now you're gonna try and push me out!
Michael: Wait a minute, you took Freddie in because the Corleone Family bankrolled your casino, because the Molinari Family on the Coast guaranteed his safety. Now we're talking business, let's talk business.
Moe Greene: Yeah, let's talk business, Mike. First of all, you're all done. The Corleone Family don't even have that kind of muscle anymore. The Godfather's sick, right? You're getting chased out of New York by Barzini and the other Families. What do you think is going on here? You think you can come to my hotel and take over? I talked to Barzini - I can make a deal with him, and still keep my hotel!
Michael: Is that why you slapped my brother around in public?
Fredo: Aw, now that, that was nothin', Mike. Moe didn't mean nothin' by that. Yeah, sure he flies off the handle every once in a while, but me and him, we're good friends, right Moe?
Moe Greene: I got a business to run. I gotta kick asses sometimes to make it run right. We had a little argument, Freddy and me, so I had to straighten him out.
Michael: You straightened my brother out?
Moe Greene: He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time! Players couldn't get a drink at the table! What's the matter with you?
Michael: I leave for New York tomorrow, think about a price.
Moe Greene: Sonofabitch! Do you know who I am? I'm Moe Greene! I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders!
Fredo: Wait a minute, Moe, Moe, I got an idea. Tom, you're the Consiglieri and you can talk to the Don, you can explain...
Tom Hagen: Just a minute now. The Don is semi-retired and Mike is in charge of the Family business now. If you have anything to say, say it to Michael.
Fredo: [Moe Greene leaves] Mike! You do not come to Las Vegas and talk to a man like Moe Greene like that!
Michael: Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.More [12/26/2007 12:12:00]
[in the middle of a shootout, Princess Anne-Droid opens an escape door]
Princess Anne-Droid: We'll go this way. I insist!
[Ham Salad is returning fire with a power drill]
Ham Salad: No way, sister! I can handle thi-!
[an enemy shot flies between Ham's legs, hitting the wall behind him. Ham instantly turns and follows the princess.]
Ham Salad: Okay, I'm with you!More [02/04/2008 12:02:00]
Old Sophie: I wonder what Howl disguised himself as? Surely not a crow. Can't be a pigeon, he's too flamboyant for that.
[a glider plane with a giggling young woman and her lover flies overhead]
Old Sophie: That could be him.More [02/11/2008 12:02:00]
Allison: Hey, you're gonna love this
Emily: What is it?
Allison: Crack, cocaine.
Emily: [shrieks] where did you get that?
Allison: a lady never tells
Emily: How do we use it?
Allison: So, I called the drug hotline and asked them what signs to look for if my mom smoked crack. He said little pieces of aluminum foil everywhere so
[looks at Emily]
Allison: You want to try it right?
Emily: yeah
Allison: cool
[flicks on lighter]
Allison: ready?
Emily: We are such crackheads.
Allison: We ARE such crackheads.
[it burns fast]
Allison: Oh shit go!
Emily: What?
Allison: Go! Just inhale it!
[it flies up]
Allison: ah!
Emily: Ah!
Allison: [coughs] where'd it go?
Emily: Ow, it hit me right there.
[touches arm]
Allison: Ohh, ohh, ohh I'm sorry
[kisses it]
Allison: [strokes Emily's cheek ] Whitney's right
Together: Crack is whack!More [02/17/2008 12:02:00]
Moe: Hey, It's Michael Corleone! What's you doin' now?
[makes pigeon noises]
Moe: What's you doin' now?
Michael: Hey, crazy man! How come you're not down in your basement?
Moe: Well, I, I came to kill your pigeon, boy.
Michael: Ah, that's bullshit, Moe, you're probably peekin' down at the ladies.
Moe: Yeah! My peekin' days long shut down, Michael.
Moe: I ain't there no more. I just ain't there.
[plays his harmonica]
Michael: Ah, you're just a crazy nigger, Moe. Just a goddamn crazy nigger.
Moe: We's all niggers, boy! Ha ha! You an' me, just goddamn crazy niggers! We's all niggers boy. Most of us don't know it yet.
Michael: [passing a joint to Moe] Hey, listen, you want some of this shit?
Moe: Even your pigeon's a nigger! Ha ha ha ha ha! That's why I'm gonna kill him.
Michael: Moe, you ain't gonna do shit!
Moe: Moe: I just ain't there. Every - everybody plays like they there... but they ain't there. I ain't there. Your pigeon ain't there! He flies high like he there, but he don't fly 'less you open that cage. And he got to come back 'cause he's trained to! He ain't there.More [03/03/2008 12:03:00]
Peter Banning: I bet you don't even have a fourth grade reading level.
Rufio: Hemorrhoidal suck naval.
Peter Banning: Or maybe a fifth grade reading level.
[kids whistle and waves their hands around]
Rufio: Boil dripping beef fart sniffing bubble butt.
Kids: Bangarang, Rufio.
Peter Banning: Someone has a severe ca-ca mouth, you know that?
Rufio: You are fart factory, cheesy, scab picked, pimple squeezing finger bandage. A week old maggot burger with everything on it and flies on the side.
Peter Banning: Substitute chemistry teacher.
Rufio: Mung tongue.
Peter Banning: Math tutor.
Rufio: Pinhead.
Peter Banning: Prison barber.
Rufio: Mother lover.
Peter Banning: Nearsighted gynecologist.
Rufio: In your face, camel cake.
Peter Banning: In your rear, cow derrière.
Rufio: Lying, crying, spying, prying ultra-pig.
Peter Banning: You lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food dude.
Kids: Bangarang, Peter.
Rufio: You... you man! You stupid, stupid man!
Peter Banning: Rufio, if I'm a maggot burger why don't you EAT ME, you two-toned zebra-headed paramecium brain, munchin' on your own mucus, suffering from Peter Pan envy?
Don't Ask: What's a paramecium brain?
Peter Banning: I'll tell you what a paramecium is. It's a one-celled critter with no brain, that can't fly. Don't mess with me man, I'm a lawyer!
Kids: [chanting] Banning, Banning, Banning, Banning.More [03/26/2008 12:03:00]
[last lines]
Frank Horrigan: I'll bet you that brown pigeon down there flies off before the white one.
Lilly Raines: How do you know?
Frank Horrigan: I know things about pigeons, Lilly.More [04/13/2008 12:04:00]
Lilly Raines: Well, time flies when you're being annoyed.More [04/13/2008 12:04:00]
[as the Giant flies toward the missle]
Hogarth Hughes: [in the Giant's mind] You are what you choose to be.
The Iron Giant: Superman.More [04/23/2008 12:04:00]
J. Algernon Hawthorne: I must say that if I had the grievous misfortune to be a citizen of this benighted country, I should be the most hesitant of offering any criticism whatever of any other.
J. Russell Finch: Wait a minute, are you knocking this country? Are you saying something against America?
J. Algernon Hawthorne: Against it? I should be positively astounded to hear anything that could be said FOR it. Why the whole bloody place is the most unspeakable matriarchy in the whole history of civilization! Look at yourself! The way your wife and her strumpet of a mother push you through the hoop! As far as I can see, American men have been totally emasculated- they're like slaves! They die like flies from coronary thrombosis while their women sit under hairdryers eating chocolates & arranging for every 2nd Tuesday to be some sort of Mother's Day! And this infantile preoccupation with bosoms. In all time in this Godforsaken country, the one thing that has appalled me most of all this this prepostrous preoccupation with bosoms. Don't you realize they have become the dominant theme in American culture: in literature, advertising and all fields of entertainment and everything. I'll wager you anything you like that if American women stopped wearing brassieres, your whole national economy would collapse overnight.More [04/25/2008 12:04:00]
Migrant truck driver: [after barreling down a hill and stuff flies off the truck] I've said it before and I'll say it again, I didn't want to move to California.More [04/25/2008 12:04:00]
Jeremiah Johnson: Who are they?
Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Crow, most likely. This is their hunting ground, if they catch us, they'll steal our horses
[an arrow flies by Bear Claw's head and sticks in a tree]
Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Yep, Crow. Fella by the name of Paints-his-Shirt-Red. That's his sign.More [05/03/2008 12:05:00]
[Ladyhawke flies to Phillipe instead of Navarre]
Etienne Navarre: Last night...
Phillipe: Captain?
Etienne Navarre: Tell me about it.
Phillipe: What's to tell?
[to Ladyhawke]
Phillipe: Go on, go. Go, go... Go to the one you love. Well, we ran into a bit of trouble on our way to an inn.
Etienne Navarre: You took Isabeau to an inn?
Phillipe: Well, first we had to go to a stable.
Etienne Navarre: What did you do in a stable?
Phillipe: We changed clothes.
Etienne Navarre: *What*?
Phillipe: Well, not together, of course.
Etienne Navarre: You left her alone?
Phillipe: No, never.
Etienne Navarre: So you *did* change.
Phillipe: No. No. No.More [06/24/2008 12:06:00]
Single O:
Boys, I vouldn't know de old town! Vere is all de automobiles?

[pointing skyward] Oh, they're in the upper level.

Hardly anyone drives a car now. They all use planes.

Single O:
Is dat so?

Yeah, I drive a Rosenblatt. J flies a Pinkus for his personal use, but all the airliners are Goldfarbs.

Single O:

[laughs uproariously]

Single O:
It looks like someone got even with Henry Ford!

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Aren't you ashamed now? Aren't you? Spiders now, is it? Flies ain't good enough!

Flies? Flies? Poor puny things! Who wants to eat flies?

You do, you loony!

Not when I can get nice fat spiders!

All right, have it your own way.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Madame Swempski:
I don't like this innuendo.

That's what I always say: love flies out the door when money comes innuendo.

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]
Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
[the piano is blocking his path] Well? Either of you two numbskulls going to take this thing out of the way?

What's it to you?

Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
I should like to pass.

Why don't you walk around?

Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
Walk around? Me? Professor Theodore Von Schwarzenhoffen? M.D., A.D, D.D.S, F.L.D, F.F.F und F should walk around? Get that thing out of my way! Go on, out of the way!

[Stan slaps his hat off. It flies into the street and is flattened by a truck]

Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
Very nice. I'll have you arrested for this! I'll have you thrown in jail! I'm professor T.D.A!

More [06/16/2016 01:06:42]

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