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Tamerlan Kuzgov

Tamerlan Kuzgov

In the picture of life the invisible signature of God

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If you've taken yourself in your own hands, don't drop yourself

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The life is sweet, but sometimes the salt is not enoughMore Tamerlan Kuzgov [03/12/2019 01:03:42]
It is just the empty head, but it is so heavy to live with it.

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The life is a duel with timeMore Tamerlan Kuzgov [03/12/2019 01:03:53]
The wind in your head is the storm in your life

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The light of knowledge makes a dark person brighter

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The love for another, the jealous money punish by bankruptcy

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The aforism is a flash of the mind

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I've wanted to save time, but killed him accidentally

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The speed of spread of gossip depends on the speed of the Internet.

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If fate decided to put a dot in your life, make a comma out of it.

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Yes, we are artists of our life, but when it comes to death, we are brush in the hands of God

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When you're meeting with the most powerful people of the Earth, do not forget about your future meeting with the most powerful people of the Heaven

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Many people find a purpose of life, and aim it all their life without single shot

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If you are king in your head be kind don't offend those who Óre jester in their head.More Tamerlan Kuzgov [03/15/2019 04:03:43]
Time flies, but if you have wings you'll be ahead.

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Why to throw yourself under the train, when you can throw yourself under the wheel of fortune?!

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For a case of waste of time, make a photocopy of it.

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All people would like to save a one who drowns in luxuryMore Tamerlan Kuzgov [03/17/2019 04:03:07]
The life is a school that does not have a desk

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The fire in your heart can be putted out by the one who has the wind in his head

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The birth is the exit from the mother. Death is the exit from yourself.

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Some people are like fog. Only with their departure, everything becomes clear.

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The evil fate is always looking for the lucky ones

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