Movie: Horror Express [1973] Movie: Horror Express [1973]

[Wells insists Saxton is in the wrong cabin and shows him his key]
Professor Saxton: [showing Wells his own key] Eight A, lower berth. Eight B, upper berth.
Dr. Wells: [to Natasha] Don't worry.
Dr. Wells: [to Saxton] Look here, I was supposed to have this compartment to myself.
Professor Saxton: [unpacking] If you don't mind.
Dr. Wells: I'm sorry if I'm in your way.
Natasha: [to Saxton] Excuse me, I have no ticket and I have to get out of Shanghai. I'm sure I can make it worth your while.
Dr. Wells: The young lady's in trouble.
Professor Saxton: [climbing into his berth] Well, what do you suggest we do about it?
Dr. Wells: Couldn't you - couldn't you double up with somebody else?
Professor Saxton: Miss Jones?
Dr. Wells: Steady on.
Natasha: [settling into Wells' berth] I'm sure we can get on very well together. Movie: Horror Express [1973] Movie: Horror Express [1973] quotes

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