Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973] Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973]

[Carole and Michael have been fired and Michael has hit her]
Carole: What's your problem?
Michael: Shit, man, I got no time for this bullshit! That's all it is, it's all a bunch of bullshit!
Carole: Listen, mother, we just got to get it together. A couple of jobs ain't nothin. This world ain't gonna drop its drawers easy for you, just like you think I'm gonna do for you. And I've been playing easy games, bringing you along slow. But seein' as how you don't know a friend when you sees one, let's see the kind of balls you got for a real man's game. Okay, creep?
Michael: You're on, nigger! Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973] Movie: Heavy Traffic [1973] quotes

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