Movie: Havoc [2005] Movie: Havoc [2005]

Allison: Hey, you're gonna love this
Emily: What is it?
Allison: Crack, cocaine.
Emily: [shrieks] where did you get that?
Allison: a lady never tells
Emily: How do we use it?
Allison: So, I called the drug hotline and asked them what signs to look for if my mom smoked crack. He said little pieces of aluminum foil everywhere so
[looks at Emily]
Allison: You want to try it right?
Emily: yeah
Allison: cool
[flicks on lighter]
Allison: ready?
Emily: We are such crackheads.
Allison: We ARE such crackheads.
[it burns fast]
Allison: Oh shit go!
Emily: What?
Allison: Go! Just inhale it!
[it flies up]
Allison: ah!
Emily: Ah!
Allison: [coughs] where'd it go?
Emily: Ow, it hit me right there.
[touches arm]
Allison: Ohh, ohh, ohh I'm sorry
[kisses it]
Allison: [strokes Emily's cheek ] Whitney's right
Together: Crack is whack! Movie: Havoc [2005] Movie: Havoc [2005] quotes

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