Movie: The Good Shepherd [2006] Movie: The Good Shepherd [2006]

[Ed Wilson at his desk in his office, Phillip Allen opens the door]
Philip Allen: May I come in?
[Allen walks in, signals around, Ed starts bug countermeasures]
Philip Allen: You know I've never been in your office.
Edward Wilson: How was the fishing?
Philip Allen: It was a bad year. The water's too high.
[walks closer]
Philip Allen: I understand you wanted to give me the Operation Zapata list yourself. There isn't one, is there?
Edward Wilson: You know it was a silent operation.
Philip Allen: It wasn't silent enough.
Philip Allen: I've been asked by the President to suggest who we no longer need with us.
Philip Allen: Who would you recommend, Edward?
Edward Wilson: I serve at the pleasure of the director, Sir.
[Allen exhales loudly]
Edward Wilson: I'm just the gatekeeper.
Philip Allen: Why is it that people like us choose to serve for nickels a day in a profession that makes us constantly look over our shoulder to see who is watching us?
Edward Wilson: When will you make a decision?
Philip Allen: I serve at the discretion of the President of the United States. I will do what I think is best for the country.
[Turns around. Walks towards the door]
Philip Allen: It's important we find out who's responsible. Good night.
Edward Wilson: Good night. Movie: The Good Shepherd [2006] Movie: The Good Shepherd [2006] quotes

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