Movie: Ghost Dad [1990] Movie: Ghost Dad [1990]

Curtis Burch, the Cabbie: I like you.
Elliot Hopper: Thank you.
Curtis Burch, the Cabbie: Do you worship Satan?
Elliot Hopper: Unless you want to stop this cab, I'll give you $20 to stop. I'll give you... $40. I've got $76. All you have to do is stop the cab.
Elliot Hopper: I'll throw in the wallet. It's a Goochi. You can impress all your friends in Hell.
Elliot Hopper: [hands Burch the wallet] Now stop the damn cab!
Curtis Burch, the Cabbie: DO YOU WORSHIP SATAN?
Curtis Burch, the Cabbie: Worship him? I AM Satan! I command you to stop this cab!
[both scream] Movie: Ghost Dad [1990] Movie: Ghost Dad [1990] quotes

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