2gether 2gether

"I guess now QT's like Michael, and the rest of us are like Jermane and
Tito. But I have this theory that Jermane was way more important in the Jackson 5 because. Who invented the moon walk? Jermain! Who sang thriller? Jermane. Who married Lisa Marie? It was Jermane!" ~Chad 2gether 2gether quotes

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Author Unknown Because of the speeches of leading politicians on the central channels, circuses suffer terrible losses. [11/26/2022 09:11:25] More

Author Unknown Every pharaoh must be worthy of his mummy. [11/21/2022 12:11:26] More

Author Unknown A woman is an example of a creative approach to creating problems [11/07/2022 01:11:20] More

Vasily Nebenzya We do not carry out aggression against the Ukrainian people, but against the junta that seized power in Kyiv. [11/24/2022 04:11:57] More

Vladimir Putin They are trying to turn the OSCE into a vulgar instrument for ensuring the foreign policy interests of one or a group of countries in relation to other countries. [11/25/2022 08:11:34] More