Movie: Donnie Darko [2001] Movie: Donnie Darko [2001]

Kitty Farmer: Rose, I'm sure that you're aware of the horrible allegations against Jim Cunninghman.
Rose Darko: I know. I saw it on TV. Something about a kiddie porn dungeon.
Kitty Farmer: Oh, Please! Please! Don't use those words! It's obviously some kind of conspiracy to destroy an innocent man. And I have taken it upon myself to spearhead the Jim Cunningham Defense Campaign.
Kitty Farmer: [pleading] Rose, I have to appear at his arraignment tomorrow morning. And as you know, the girls are scheduled to leave for Los Angeles in the morning. Now, as their coach, I was the obvious choice to chaperone them on their trip, but...
Rose Darko: [feigning concern] But now, you can't go.
Kitty Farmer: Yes.
Rose Darko: Hmmm.
Kitty Farmer: Now, believe me, of all the other mothers, I would never dream of asking you. But none of the other mothers are available to go!
Rose Darko: I don't know, Kitty. It's a bad weekend. Eddie's in New York.
Kitty Farmer: [tearfully] Rose, I don't know if you realize what an opportunity this is for our daughters! This has been a dream of Samantha's and all of ours for a long time! I made her lead dancer! Sometimes, I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion! Movie: Donnie Darko [2001] Movie: Donnie Darko [2001] quotes

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