Movie: The Brothers Grimm [2005] Movie: The Brothers Grimm [2005]

Woodsman: Angelika? You see that window up there? Many centuries ago, that's where the Queen lived. She was treasured throughout all of Europe, famed for her incredible beauty, but also vain and selfish. It was on the Queen's wedding day that the plague arrived. The King was the first to die. His bride built a tower, and shut herself in it, high away from the suffering below. But what she forgot, was that plague is carried on the winds. When she first fell sick, and her gorgeous flesh began to rot away, they say you could hear her screams across the ocean... my princess isn't afraid, is she? It's just an old story. Daddy's here to protect you. Movie: The Brothers Grimm [2005] Movie: The Brothers Grimm [2005] quotes

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