Movie: You have Got Mail [1998] Movie: You have Got Mail [1998]

Annabelle Fox: Oh that's not my Dad, that's my NEPHEW.
Kathleen Kelly: You know, I don't really think that HE could be your nephew.
Joe Fox: No, no, no - it's true - Annabelle is my, aunt. Isn't that right Aunt Annabelle?
Annabelle Fox: Unh-huh, and Matt is hi...
Kathleen Kelly: No no! Let me guess! Are you his uncle?
[Matt giggling shakes his head no]
Kathleen Kelly: His grandfather?
[giggling harder still shaking head]
Kathleen Kelly: His great-grandfather?
Matthew Fox: [Laughing] I'm his BROTHER!
Joe Fox: [Answering Kathleen's very confused look] Matthew is my father's son, Annabelle is my grandfather's daughter. We are... an American family! Movie: You have Got Mail [1998] Movie: You have Got Mail [1998] quotes

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