Movie: Spider-Man 2 [2004] Movie: Spider-Man 2 [2004]

[Spider-Man finally stops the train. Exhausted, he falls unconscious and almost falls off, but for the train passengers, who grab him and pull him to safety inside the carriage]
Train Passenger: He's... just a kid... no older than my son...
[Spider-Man regains consciousness, then finding the passengers seeing him unmasked, sits up abruptly]
Train Passenger: [reassuringly] it's all right...
[Two young boys approach Spider-Man]
Boy with Mask: B: We found something...
[Spider-Man is given his mask]
Boy with Mask: We won't tell nobody - it's good to have you back, Spider-Man...
[Slowly, Spider-Man dons his mask and gets up, but then... ]
Doc Ock: [entering the carriage] He's MINE!
Train Passenger: You want to get to him, you gotta go through me!
[All the other passengers take up his claim and surround Spider-Man]
Doc Ock: Very well... Movie: Spider-Man 2 [2004] Movie: Spider-Man 2 [2004] quotes

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