Movie: The Whoopee Boys [1986] Movie: The Whoopee Boys [1986]

Barney: [at another party, Barney sees the same old lady, now holding a Shar-Pei in her arm] Hey, it's my favorite dog lady again! How you doing? You have a new dog?
Woman with Dogs: Yes, this is a Shar-Pei; it's a Chinese dog.
Barney: [Barney pulls on the dog's wrinkled skin] Damn, you need to iron this dog, lady. Look at this!
Woman with Dogs: No, stop, that's just how the dog is!
Barney: Shit, you could fit two dogs in here!
[he continues to pull on the dog's loose skin]
Woman with Dogs: [Slapping Barney's hand away] No! Please, stop abusing my dog, you horrible man!
Barney: You have any Vietnamese neighbors?
Woman with Dogs: No, I don't think so.
Barney: Well, if any ever move in, and you go on vacation, believe me, you're going to want to take Fluffy with you! You'll come back and your dog will be missing it's hind leg, saying 'where were you?'
Woman with Dogs: Oh! That's horrible! You terrible, horrible man!
Barney: You go next door and talk to your neighbor, and he'll be standing there, picking his teeth, 'No! We no see Fluffy! What your dog look like? Your dog have big, juicy hind leg?'
Woman with Dogs: Oh, you awful man! Please, go away!
Barney: Fine! I guess this means we can't be pals no more? Movie: The Whoopee Boys [1986] Movie: The Whoopee Boys [1986] quotes

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