Movie: The Wedding Singer [1998] Movie: The Wedding Singer [1998]

Robbie: [singing] She loves her/ but she loves this guy right here/ but she loves somebody else/ you just can win/ and so it goes until the day you die/ this thing called love is going to make you cry. I hate you/ I've had the blues/ From wretched pranks/ One thing's for sure.
[Holds microphone to fat man]
Fat Man: Love stinks?
Robbie: Love stinks/ Yeah yeah
[Holds microphone to fat man]
Fat Man: Love stinks!
Robbie: Love stinks/ Yeah, yeah
[holds microphone to lady with sideburns]
Lady with sideburns: Love stinks.
Robbie: Love stinks. Yeah yeah.
[holds microphone to table 9]
Table 9: Love stinks.
Robbie: Love stinks/ Yeah yeah.
[Bride's father punches Robbie, Robbie falls back on a table. Bride's father jumps on him and pushes and pulls him]
Robbie: Love stinks/ Love stinks/ LOVE STINKS! Movie: The Wedding Singer [1998] Movie: The Wedding Singer [1998] quotes

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