Richard Bach

Richard Bach

American writer.
Happiness is the reward we get for living to the highest right we know. Richard Bach quotes

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Viktor Orban We would be able to deal with Islam if we were allowed to deal with it in the way we think we should. [01/04/2023 10:01:49] More

Viktor Orban Hungary believes that schoolchildren do not receive any instructions or imposed opinions. Their parents are responsible for this. [01/04/2023 11:01:44] More

Kevin McCarthy I like to be around people, so I ended up being roommates, right? I had a house. I lived with four guys. [01/03/2023 11:01:23] More

Antonio Costa The main question is whether we'll have our hands tied, we need to have the strength to guarantee four years of stability and not be a short-term government. [01/18/2023 09:01:22] More

Unknown Author A pawn can become a queen, but errand boy cannot become an ace. [01/19/2023 11:01:38] More