Movie: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 [2001] Movie: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 [2001]

Lt. Zofia:
[the begining of the first Soviet mission] Comrade General. My name is Lieutenant Zofia. It will be my job to make sure your command runs smoothly. I have been in over a half a dozen campaign simulations since the great war. It will be an honor to aid your services.

[Premier Romanov appears on a screen]

Lt. Zofia:
Hold on Comrade. It's Premier Romanov himslef.

Premier Alexander Romanov:
If the lovely Lieutenant Zofia is finished pushing for a promotion, I would like to speak with my general please.

Lt. Zofia:
Of course Premier.

Premier Alexander Romanov:
Commerade General, welcome to the future of Soviet Union.

[Romanov is holding a turtle]

Premier Alexander Romanov:
I want to introduce you a little friend. This is Sam.

[he presses on the turtle's head]

Premier Alexander Romanov:
Like Uncle Sam.

[to the turtle]

Premier Alexander Romanov:
Say hello little uncle. The Americans, they have turn to their children's futures, it teaches them to fear the Soviet Union. But the little turtle says "Big" russian missiles coming,

[pressing on the turtle's head and pulling on its tail]

Premier Alexander Romanov:
and he ducks and he covers. Duck, cover.


Premier Alexander Romanov:
Today, we will make history commerade. Together we'll destroy the United States. Their cities, their homes, their dreams, and perhaps some more.

[puts his hand on Yuri's right shoulder]

Premier Alexander Romanov:
This is my advisor Yuri. He will help make this possible

I am but a servant of the Soviet Union like you. However, at this moment we must hurry. Time is of the essance.

[moves out of Romanov's way]

Premier Alexander Romanov:
Commerade general, your first objective will be

[points his finger at the globe]

Premier Alexander Romanov:
Washington D.C. Show them our greatful power comrade general. Crush the allies at the American capital, and destroy the Pentagon.

Movie: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 [2001] Movie: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 [2001] quotes

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