Movie: Andaz Apna Apna [1994] Movie: Andaz Apna Apna [1994]

[with a picture of his twin] Tan tara ra... guess who's this?

Very smart... in your younger days, you looked like a very nice man...

Hahaha... got fooled didn't you? This is the game... this is not me, he's my brother... Ram Gopal Bajaj... my name isn't Teja either... Shyam Gopal Bajaj... me Shyam, him Ram... my old man loved him a lot... everyone thought I was the villain and he was the hero... and then 1 day old man transferred his property to him... that day itself I swore to myself that I will also kill my dad... throw his cards down... but unfortunately in the night's darkness our treasurer Harishankar got killed... but it was good that he died... he used to talk to about good deeds and godliness a lot... he bored me!

Movie: Andaz Apna Apna [1994] Movie: Andaz Apna Apna [1994] quotes

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