Movie: The Boost [1988] Movie: The Boost [1988]

[at dinner with Ned] ... Lenny told me about the mistake today. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was sort of counting on that sale to break into the business.

[to Linda] That doesn't mean anything to Ned.

What doesn't mean anything?

Hustling for money. You're above all that.

I worry about money, just like everybody else.

But you got some backstops. You start falling down that well, you got some slats across to catch yourself, right? You got your professor-father. You got an education. You got the Financial Journal. You can't fall too far. My old man's an ex-printer on disability! My mother is a secretary for the Ladies Garment Workers Union! I'VE GOT A HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION!

Movie: The Boost [1988] Movie: The Boost [1988] quotes

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