Eugeny Antonuk

Eugeny Antonuk

One received a reservation, and the other instead went to the front and died there - this is the whole essence of transplantology. People who did not care about life for others, want, in which case, to get replacement organs, and even the likelihood of a black market for transplantology, when corruption is rampant in the country, does not stop believers who don’t have to risk their lives and manage their lives others. In a state where to concoct a case, throwing innocent evidence in the form of drugs, in the order of things, where questions are not raised about the qualifications and professional conformity of the judge, in a situation where the direct effect of rights and freedoms and the law not applied in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation when default judges are justified for ignorance of the law, unlike citizens, who must be equal before the law on a common basis with judges, when qualification boards, public councils and chambers are formed “comfortable”, a ray more, it seems to someone that you can’t think of how to allow officials to consider people as potential candidates for dismantling. To begin with, apply democracy in life, the direct effect of rights and freedoms, as the highest value acting directly, equality of judges before the law on general grounds with other citizens in case of ignorance of the law, and then consider people as probable donors. Justice in Russia comes down to a policy of risk and the predictability of cash flows in the main. And, it seems, the state, protecting the rights of one, protects state rights, and therefore one is no longer one, but with the state. And in fact, justice costs money and nothing is more valuable than money. /essence/ Eugeny Antonuk quotes

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