Movie: The Brave Little Toaster [1987] Movie: The Brave Little Toaster [1987]

Air Conditioner:
You guys really have an attachment for that kid, don't you?

Yes. He was our master.

Air Conditioner:
Well that's real nice, and anyday now, he might come romping back, huh? He'll just come whistling through that door, and everything will be the same. Real peachy-keen-like.


It's a possibility.

Well, at least we try to be optimistic.

Air Conditioner:
[shouts] Optimistic? Somebody try to untie the knot in this guy's cord!

Why don't you just shut off?

Air Conditioner:
Oh, I'm really scared there, Kirby. What are you going to do, suck me to death?

Movie: The Brave Little Toaster [1987] Movie: The Brave Little Toaster [1987] quotes

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