Movie: The Hill [1965] Movie: The Hill [1965]

Monty Bartlett:
You've got it downstaris, mate, but we've got it upstairs. Live up trees, you blokes do. I seen a film about his tribe once. It was called 'Tarazn and the Ape Man.' When Charlie Blogs found you lot, you was walking around starkers, living on monkey nuts.

Jacko King:
So this is a member of the great white race. And there's plenty more like Monty. We just call them "white trash."

Jock McGrath:
Now look, I don't go for that expression "white trash."

Jacko King:
What's Staff Williams?

Jock McGrath:
Belt up! I don't want to hear about Williams.

Jacko King:
That, I can believe.

Movie: The Hill [1965] Movie: The Hill [1965] quotes

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