Movie: The More the Merrier [1943] Movie: The More the Merrier [1943]

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Our vagabond camera takes us to beautiful Washington, D.C., the national capital of our United States, situated on the broad banks of the Potomac River. Living is pleasant and leisurely... for it is a city of formality and custom. Manners and courtesy are responsible for the well-ordered conduct of its daily affairs. The many fine restaurants of Washington are the delight of the epicurean and the gourmet, where one may enjoy to the full the rare dishes of the old south. Washington's beautiful homes have the quiet dignity of another day. Our trip would be incomplete if we neglected to visit the quiet, staid and dignified residential section. It is with pride that we view hospitable Washington, friendly Washington, welcoming us to her doorstep eagerly throwing wide her doors.

Hotel Clerk:
I'm sorry; there're no vacancies... positively no vacancies.

Movie: The More the Merrier [1943] Movie: The More the Merrier [1943] quotes

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