Movie: Ladyhawke [1985] Movie: Ladyhawke [1985]

[Ladyhawke flies to Phillipe instead of Navarre]
Etienne Navarre: Last night...
Phillipe: Captain?
Etienne Navarre: Tell me about it.
Phillipe: What's to tell?
[to Ladyhawke]
Phillipe: Go on, go. Go, go... Go to the one you love. Well, we ran into a bit of trouble on our way to an inn.
Etienne Navarre: You took Isabeau to an inn?
Phillipe: Well, first we had to go to a stable.
Etienne Navarre: What did you do in a stable?
Phillipe: We changed clothes.
Etienne Navarre: *What*?
Phillipe: Well, not together, of course.
Etienne Navarre: You left her alone?
Phillipe: No, never.
Etienne Navarre: So you *did* change.
Phillipe: No. No. No. Movie: Ladyhawke [1985] Movie: Ladyhawke [1985] quotes

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