konde 13

konde 13

From all that we have to do the most secure - do nothing.More konde 13 quotes [08/31/2016 09:08:04]
As a child, we cursing to look older in age, in the old age we cursing to appear younger.More konde 13 quotes [07/23/2016 11:07:10]
The more time you think about time, the slower it goes.More konde 13 quotes [08/07/2017 09:08:19]
If people had a conscience, they would have lived in prisons.More konde 13 quotes [05/28/2017 07:05:42]
The economy we are have is so economical that people can only suck balls.More konde 13 quotes [07/25/2016 08:07:57]

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Anatoly Yurkin Not gone mad from the high speed of the locomotive man of the Nineteenth century was quite prepared for the possibilities of the Internet. [07/21/2019 03:07:36] More