Daniela Hantuchova

Daniela Hantuchova

“I was playing well in the first set, then for some reason I decided to make it difficult for myself in the second set. I was able to get back in form and win it. The conditions were very hot but it was the same for both of us.”More Daniela Hantuchova quotes [11/15/2006 12:11:00]
It was a match I lost, rather than she won [on Serena Williams winning with an apparent cramp injury at WimbledonMore Daniela Hantuchova quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
“I guess the attention paid to appearance is something that belongs to tennis, too.”More Daniela Hantuchova quotes [11/15/2006 12:11:00]
“I had inflammation of tendonitis and felt it three days ago so I couldn't practice before the tournament,”More Daniela Hantuchova quotes [11/15/2006 12:11:00]
“She?s such a great ball striker, ... and if it?s in her hitting zone, she?s going to hit a winner almost every single time.”More Daniela Hantuchova quotes [11/15/2006 12:11:00]

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