Jewel Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher

Her hit single hit Foolish Games
Background:One of the most exceptional and talented artists in popular music, Jewel, who is noted for her song's qualities of stark honesty and soulful introspection, became famous with her first album, Pieces of You (1995), for which she was garnered with an American Music Award (1995), an MTV Video Music Award (1997), a Governor's Award from the Los Angeles chapter of The Recording Academy (NARAS) (1999) and three Grammy Award nominations. Additionally, two hit singles from the album: "Who Will Save Your Soul" and "You Were Meant for Me," reached No. 11 and peaked at No. 2 respectively on the Billboard 200. Jewel also received recognition for her writing talent. She published a collection of her poems in A Night Without Armor (1998) and a collection of her diary in Chasing Down the Dawn (1999). A Night Without Armor remained on the bestseller list of the New York Times and won an Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association in 1999. As for her private life, the 92nd of the 102 Sexiest Women In The World by Stuff magazine (2002), Jewel's prior relationships were linked to the lead singer of her former band Steve Poltz (dated for three years), actor and director Sean Penn (dated in 1997), model Michel Francoeur (dated 18 months, 1996-98) and actor Christopher Douglas (dated in autumn 1998). She is currently dating professional rodeo star Ty Murray (since October 1999).Anchorage's Favorite DaughterChildhood and Family:Daughter to musician parents Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll, Jewel Kilcher was born on May 23, 1974, in Payson, Utah. Along with two brothers, Shane Kilcher (born 1971) and Atzle Kilcher (born 1977), Jewel was raised in Anchorage, Alaska, where she spent most of her time taking care of horses, haying and working in the family's garden. Encouraging by her mother, young Jewel tried her hand in writing poetry. She also followed her singer/songwriter parents to sing at local Eskimo villages and tourist attractions. After her parent divorced in 1982, Jewel lived with her father and continued to earn a living singing for the next seven years. While touring with her father, Jewel learned to yodel, a part of her family's folk act. Discovering her interest lay with singing, Jewel attended the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan, majoring in operatic voice. During her time at school, she learned how to play guitar and started writing songs. After completing her education in 1992, she joined her mother in San Diego. Having no desires to attend higher education, Jewel began looking for jobs. She, however, could find nothing and decided to live out of a van and focus on a music career. You Were Meant for MeCareer:"It was really a natural extension for me. I began writing songs when I was 16 and I heard all kinds of stuff in my head. But I didn't have the skill to do it on guitar, so my first record was what I was able to get out of my head through my hands. Over the years, I've learned more about the craft... more about how to write, more about playing, more about music, and more about lyrics. I'm finally able to further embellish the ideas I started with a long time ago." Jewel.  Beginning her singing career when she accompanied her parents to perform in local Eskimo villages and tourist attractions, Jewel later sang with local band The Rugburns at coffeehouses. Traveling in her van, Jewel earned a reputation as a good singer. Jewel's lucky day eventually came when she was spotted by Atlantic Records at the Innerchange Coffeehouse in San Diego, California. Subsequently, she worked with the label in Los Angeles and continued singing at coffeehouses to promote her debut album, Pieces of You, until it was launched in 1995. Though the album first gained little notice, it turned out to be a bestseller album. Jewel's first album spawned three hit singles: "Who Will Save Your Soul," "You Were Meant for Me" and "Foolish Games." In the 14th week of its release, "Who Will Save Your Soul" peaked at No. 11 while "You Were Meant for Me" reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Additionally, Jewel was honored with an American Music Award for Pop/Rock New Artist (1995), an MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, "You Were Meant for Me" (1997), three Grammy Award nominations as well as a Governor's Award from the Los Angeles chapter of The Recording Academy (NARAS) (1999). She also fronted the covers of major magazines such as Time, Rolling Stone (twice), Vogue, Interview, Entertainment Weekly, People, and Details. The album was finally certified platinum and remained on the Billboard 200 for an impressive two years, reaching number four at its peak popularity. Different from the first album, Jewel's second album, Spirit, quickly peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and went to platinum certification after hitting the music shelves in November 1998. Afterward, she did the seasonal collection Joy: A Holiday Collection and recorded her third album, This Way. Jewel showed off her writing talent by publishing A Night Without Armor (1998), a collection of her poems, and Chasing Down the Dawn (1999), a collection of her diary. The 1998's A Night Without Armor stayed on the bestseller list of New York Times. It also won the 1999 Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association. In 2003, Jewel hit the music shelves with the release of 0304 in which she added modern dance beats and textures representing an organic evolution of her work as a lyricist, composer, vocalist, and musician. Her forth album premiered at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, which made it both the highest-debuting and highest-charting album in Jewel's music career so far. Jewel branched out into acting when she played the role of Dorothy in the charity performance of The Wizard of Oz In Concert: Dreams Come True (1995, TV). She next co-starred with Tobey Maguire and Skeet Ulrich in the 1999 film Ride With the Devil. In 2003, she made a special guest star appearance on the NBC-TV drama The Lyon's Den, where she played a lawyer opposite series star Rob Lowe. She will also played a role in the upcoming Wave (2005). Awards: Audie Award: the Audio Publishers Association, 1999 Governor's Award: Los Angeles chapter of The Recording Academy (NARAS), 1999 MTV Video Music: Best Female Video, "You Were Meant for Me", 1997 American Music: Pop/Rock New Artist, 1995
I think, because I sing a song differently every night, it keeps me interested.More Jewel Kilcher quotes [11/05/2006 12:11:00]
I grew up singing with my dad and he never believed in a setlist.More Jewel Kilcher quotes [11/05/2006 12:11:00]
So what are we given? We're also given, my generation, the disillusionment of our parents.More Jewel Kilcher quotes [11/05/2006 12:11:00]
Love bravely, live bravely, be courageous, there's really nothing to lose. There's no wrong you can't make right again, so be kinder to yourself, you know, have fun, take chances. There's no bounds.More Jewel Kilcher quotes [11/05/2006 12:11:00]
I wanted the opportunity to be able to sing around the country for myself and other people.More Jewel Kilcher quotes [11/05/2006 12:11:00]

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