Tom Green

Tom Green

“It's a play we've run many times before. Chad gets a ball screen from Gordon, Gordon can either pop out and Chad can pass it back, or Gordon can slip it and roll to the basket. And Gordon chose to slip and roll.”More Tom Green quotes [06/20/2006 12:06:00]
“There's a very thin market and the banks seem to be taking their toll on the market.”More Tom Green quotes [06/20/2006 12:06:00]
“The fact we only scored 15 points in the second half certainly says a lot about their defense.”More Tom Green quotes [06/20/2006 12:06:00]
“Looking at the light volume, I guess people were reluctant to do anything until we see if (the attack in Saudi Arabia) is a new trend and if oil prices are going to stay up.”More Tom Green quotes [06/20/2006 12:06:00]
I don't really like to just sit down at a computer and write because that tends to be a little forced. Sometimes the funniest ideas just happen in the moment, when you're talking to people, or you notice something.More Tom Green quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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