Al Lewis

Al Lewis

American actor
He has to find that answer. I can deal with somebody who's not in that kind of position and try to talk, and I do the best I can.More Al Lewis quotes [04/06/2006 12:04:00]
From the circus I went to carnival, and then drifted into medicine shows. First I went out with somebody, then I had my own.More Al Lewis quotes [04/06/2006 12:04:00]
I don't deal with memorabilia. I have no nostalgia items, I don't keep anything.More Al Lewis quotes [04/06/2006 12:04:00]
I always say, "You hire Al Lewis, you get the whole Al Lewis." He's loud, he's opinionated, he smokes terrible cigars, that's it. I can't be and I'm not going to attempt to be what someone thinks I should be. That's the road to hell.More Al Lewis quotes [04/06/2006 12:04:00]
Numbers are scary. Your problem is to get ten thousand people out on the street the first time they go to bulldoze that garden. And you won't. But that's not a defeat.More Al Lewis quotes [04/06/2006 12:04:00]

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